gMusic updated with support for Google’s new All Access music service

gmusic ss

I’ve been keeping an eye on the gMusic Twitter account all week. Last year the app was first to iOS with support for Google’s cloud-based Music storage, and I knew it’d be the same way this year with support for Google’s new All Access subscription service.

That support arrived today in the form of gMusic 6.0. And in addition to ‘All Access’ access, the update brings a number of useful playback and management features like the ability to create and play radio stations, and to search for/ add music to your library…

Here’s the full change log for version 6.0:

Whats new:
*Google Play All Access support!
Create/play Radio Stations right in the app.
Search, listen, and add music to your library from inside the app

*Requires a subscription to Google Play All Access

It’s easy to write off an app that offers ‘unofficial support’ for a service—most apps that do that are pretty bad. But gMusic is different. Its UI is sharp, with quick animations, and it gets updated frequently. And it made TIME’s”50 Best iPhone Apps” list last year.

That being said, about the only way the app will be of any use to you is if you use either Google Music, or Google’s new All Access service. Google unveiled the new music streaming service, which runs $9.99/month, last week at its I/O developer convention.

If you fall in that category though, you’ll want to check it out. You can find gMusic, in the App Store, for $1.99.