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NextUp tells you what song is coming up next in iOS’ Now Playing interface

Apple designed iOS’ Now Playing interface to display relevant information about the music you listen to at any given time, such as the album artwork, artist name, and song title, but it also provides you with useful music controls in a pinch.

But one place where the Now Playing interface falls short is in summarizing what you can expect next in your music playlist, and that’s where a new jailbreak tweak called NextUp by iOS developer Andreas Henriksson comes into play.

Google launches free ad-supported Internet radio just ahead of Apple Music launch

Ahead of the June 30 Apple Music debut, Google has cunningly enabled a free streaming tier on its music subscription service called Google Play Music.

The ad-supported tier, which acts as a personalized radio station, is only available in the U.S.

It has hand-made playlists that are personalized around activity, feelings or musical tastes and designed to accompany every moment of your day. You can instantly start radio stations based on songs, artists, or albums—or browse stations by genre, mood, activity, decade and more.

Google Play Music updated with Material Design, iPad support and more

Google today pushed out an update for its Play Music iOS client, bringing the app to the odd version number of 2.0.3828. The update is rather significant in that it brings about proper support for the iPad, as well as new Material Design UI for the iPhone.

In the changelog Google says that it has heard users "loud and clear, and now Google Play Music has an official iPad app." It looks very similar to the redesigned iPhone app, sporting Google's new Material Design aesthetic, but with larger UI elements.

Reliable leaker corroborates Google Music iOS app late-November launch

Google Music launched back in November 2011 with a music store, Google+ integration, artist hubs, carrier billing and initial support from Universal Music Group, EMI and Sony Music Entertainment, along with other smaller labels. Fast-forward two years and we still don't have a native iOS app.

Google in its typical fashion has tried to appease its disgruntled Apple audience with a Google Music iOS web app.

Alas, nobody cared!

The search Goliath later promised to bring a native app and a report recently claimed it would launch later this month. Today, a prominent leaker has corroborated that the native Google Music iOS app is indeed due by the end of the month...

Pandora: we do streaming radio better than anyone – including Apple

When iTunes Radio was only a rumor, the idea of Apple offering streaming music was instantly dubbed a Pandora-killer. Now that iTunes Radio has launched alongside iOS 7 last month, Pandora's finance chief is speaking out, saying their service outperforms even a giant-killer, no matter how fat the bank account.

In an interview, Pandora CFO Mike Herring describes Apple's service as a "credible" threat, but the Internet radio startup continues to feel it still is "better than anybody else"...

gMusic updated with support for Google’s new All Access music service

I've been keeping an eye on the gMusic Twitter account all week. Last year the app was first to iOS with support for Google's cloud-based Music storage, and I knew it'd be the same way this year with support for Google's new All Access subscription service.

That support arrived today in the form of gMusic 6.0. And in addition to 'All Access' access, the update brings a number of useful playback and management features like the ability to create and play radio stations, and to search for/ add music to your library...

Google Music rolls out iTunes Match-like scan and match feature to US

Google rolled out a new scan-and-match feature for Google Music, the search giant's cloud-based music store and storage service, to the US today. The feature, which was been available in Europe for a while now, will scan a user's music collection on their computer, and quickly rebuild it in the cloud for cross-device streaming. It's a lot like iTunes Match actually, except Google isn't charging for it...

Google Music adds 5.5 million tracks across 35 European countries

Google Music, the search giant's foray into cloud music, today received a major boost by inking a broad deal with an alliance of French, Italian and Spanish licensing groups, gaining access to an additional 5.5 million tracks across 35 European countries from various artists including Lady Gaga and Rihanna. It also includes the British and American repertoire of Universal Music Publishing and Sony's Latin works...

First Google Music App Now Available in the App Store

Remember Google Music? Back in May, Google unveiled a beta version of its cloud-based music service that allows users to upload up to 20,000 songs to its servers. Users can then access that music from almost any device with a web connection.

A major downside to the service is that it hasn't had a native iOS app. It's had a web app of sorts, but never an actual application. Until now. Macgasm is reporting that gMusic, a native Google Music app, has just surfaced in the App Store...

Ask Jeff: Episode 07 – A Life Without Jailbreaking Just Isn’t Living

As many of you know, I've been an avid jailbreaker of my iPhone ever since it was announced that jailbreaking was officially legal.

True, I never really thought the whole "illegal" aspect had a leg to stand on in the first place, but I do my best to play within the rules.

Now that jailbreaking has become a part of my life, a viewer inquires about the possibility of it going away as time moves forward. I consider this prospect, and many other questions in Episode 07 of Ask Jeff...

Google Launches iOS Web App For Google Music

Oh Google, you so crazy! After leaving us iPhone users out in the cold while our Android-toting brethren run around streaming their music from this thing they like to call 'the cloud' (it's a bit like iCloud, I'm told!) you finally decide to bring the Google Music circus to iOS.

In typical Google fashion, things have been implemented a little differently than how we expected. Google Music for iOS isn't a native app, but rather a web app. And it's pretty darn good one...