Skitch for iOS updated with streamlined sharing, paragraph text annotations and more

Evernote-owned Skitch is one of those apps that efficiently solve real-life problems. In Skitch's case, it's about augmenting your images with catchy annotations while managing to be really fun to use in the process.

It has a robust, easy to grasp selection of markup capabilities that let one quickly share one's annotated images across social networks and export them in a variety of common formats.

I know Sebastien is definitely making the most out of Skitch in his daily communication with the staff and I’ve been using it regularly to annotate and highlight certain items of the screenshots we use in our ongoing how-to series.

Aside from that, Skitch is indispensable if all you want is quickly create viral images, tweet out a funny picture to get your point across and so forth, you get the idea. A new version is now available in the App Store, offering faster sharing, a new paragraph text feature in the annotation tools, general fixes and stability improvements and more. Go ahead, learn all there is about the new Skitch version 3.1.1 right after the break...

Pebble gains official Evernote, eBay and Time Warner apps

Last month, Pebble launched its dedicated smartwatch app store with over 1,000 apps and watch faces. Few of the apps were noteworthy, but the company promised that it was working on landing titles from high profile developers.

And today it made good on that promise, as its launched 3 new smartwatch apps from well-known tech giants. Pebble owners can now access their eBay and Evernote accounts, as well as their TWC equipment, right from their wrists...

Pocket picks up Google Account login support, offline sharing to Evernote

The popular read-later service Pocket (formerly Read It Later) has been bumped to version 5.1. The new build adds a pair of useful features and squashes a few bugs (and likely introduces new ones). Now available free in the App Store, the new Pocket 5.1 lets you use your Google account to sign up and log in to Pocket.

This tremendously useful feature allows new users to start using the app without too much hassle.

Previously, you had to create an account with Pocket before you could use their service. I wish all apps supported standard logins via Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. There's nothing worse than being prompted to create a brand new account with a service - that's yet another username and passwords to worry about.

I've included additional information about the other new feature right after the break...

Evernote for Mac gets natural-language searching

Evernote for Mac has expanded on its stock search capabilities by introducing natural-language processing for your queries.

Activated from Evernote’s search bar and dubbed Descriptive Search, the feature allows for descriptive searching across your images, notes, documents, attachments and other data.

With Descriptive Search, Evernote fans can now search their notes by place, file contents, date ranges and lots more. This feature is now live in the new Evernote 5.5, available free of charge in the Mac App Store.

The full reveal is after the jump...

Evernote updated with customizable Home screen, UI themes, faster sync and more

Evernote has updated its free iPhone and iPad application with the much-welcomed ability to customize the user interface, skin it with themes, use more colorful notes and more. There are other changes and bug fixes, such as a new quality setting for audio notes for either sound or file size, or the ability to automatically save business card scans to your contacts. The company has transitioned to a new server infrastructure so you should be seeing up to four times faster sync between Evernote devices...

Evernote gains business card scanning, Presentation mode and other goodies

Evernote for iPhone and iPad has been updated with a new Presentation mode and another feature allowing users to scan business cards using an iDevice camera and import contact data as Evernote notes, with the ability to connect contact data to LinkedIn, Facebook and your Address Book for richer results, among other enhancements. Both business card scanning and Presentation mode capabilities are however available only to paid Evernote Premium customers.

The Presentation mode supports AirPlay or HDMI video out to present your Evernote notes to an audience and comes with a 14-day complementary preview for Free users...

Evernote update brings editable homescreen layouts

If you're an Evernote ninja with a premium account, then one of your biggest gripes about the redesigned iOS 7 compatible app has no doubt been with its homescreen layout. Prior to the 7.1. update, Evernote users could in no way, shape, or form, alter the layout of the homescreen.

As a free user, this would be understandable, but as a paying premium customer, it's a bit frustrating to have to look at Evernote's homescreen, which contains advertising, every time the app is opened. The good news for us is that Evernote has realized the mistake, and has brought editable homescreen layouts to its latest update.

Evernote and Adonit introduce new fine-point Bluetooth stylus

Evernote and accessory-maker Adonit announced today that they have teamed up to create a new Bluetooth stylus called the Jot Script Evernote Stylus. With its fine 1.9mm tip, it's supposedly noticeably more accurate than capacitive styli.

The digital pen uses Adonit’s newly-developed Pixelpoint technology, which utilizes a combination of the device's built-in accelerometer, Bluetooth, and Adonit’s frameworks to communicate the location of the stylus tip to compatible apps...

Evernote Food app receives inevitable image filter update

Epicures and foodies rejoice, Evernote has finally added image filters to its Food application. It seems like this move has been inevitable, ever since Evernote debuted the app—which allows you to take photos, notes and tag your favorite meals—back in 2011.

The new feature comes by way of a significant Evernote Food update today, which brings the app to version 4.3. And in addition to image filters, the update also brings about a new low-light photo capture mode called Food Light, and other improvements...

Evernote updated with shortcuts, Skitch integration and more

Popular note-taking and all around productivity app Evernote has posted a solid update for its iOS client today. The update brings the app to version 5.4 and brings about a number of new features including shortcuts, Skitch Integration, and more.

For folks unfamiliar with Skitch, it's a screenshot editing and sharing utility for both iOS and Mac that allows users to add shapes and text to an image, and then share it online. And with today's update, users can access the app from within Evernote...

How to step up your Evernote account security with two-step verification

Following in the footsteps of Twitter, Apple, Dropbox, Google and others who recently ramped up security by rolling out two-step account verification, the note-taking platform Evernote today announced similar security features. Small wonder, given recent security exploits which prompted Evernote to issue a password reset across the board.

In a nutshell, two-step authentication makes your notes more secure by requiring a verification code sent to your phone whenever you’re asked to provide your username and password.

This will usually happen when logging into the web interface or installing Evernote apps on a new device, such as your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Additionally, Evernote is also launching Access History and Authorized Applications features. I've included more information right after the break...