Evernote updated with customizable Home screen, UI themes, faster sync and more

Evernote 7.3 for iOS (screenshot 002)

Evernote has updated its free iPhone and iPad application with the much-welcomed ability to customize the user interface, skin it with themes, use more colorful notes and more. There are other changes and bug fixes, such as a new quality setting for audio notes for either sound or file size, or the ability to automatically save business card scans to your contacts. The company has transitioned to a new server infrastructure so you should be seeing up to four times faster sync between Evernote devices…

Evernote 7.3 introduces a redesigned home screen, now available with Light, Dark and Classic UI themes. The row of New Note buttons has been moved at the top of the screen and you can now customize the sections any way you like, by freely adding, removing and rearranging the individual sections to your liking.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve always wanted to get rid of the Market section. With Evernote 7.3, you can show or hide details for each section.

Evernote 7.3 for iOS (screenshot 003)

Evernote explains that users can choose to display recently viewed items for their Notes, Notebooks, Shortcuts and Tags sections.

“These are great for quickly jumping to the things you’re currently working on, so most of the time the exact thing you want is right under your finger,” the company wrote.

And here’s a nice comparison of Dark, Light and Classic themes.

Evernote 7.3 for iOS (screenshot 001)

As for other changes, you can now tell Evernote to save business card scans to your contacts automatically. Audio note quality settings include two new choices to optimize for sound or file size.

Evernote 7.3 includes numerous stability improvements: the app fixes an issue causing some users to never see card scan results and another one causing audio notes to save as corrupted files in certain cases.

Last but not least, as per Evernote CEO Phil Libin synchronization is now about four times faster than ever before – this applies to any version of Evernote that you use.

Sync now often takes a couple of seconds to complete, and when you get a new phone or computer, downloading your notes will take much less time. If you have a small account, you might not notice that much of a difference.

On the other hand, if your account is large, or you’ve been using Evernote for many years, or you share notebooks with other users, or your entire company uses Evernote Business, you’ll see massive improvements. All four of these things happen to be true for many early Evernote employees, so the performance gains we’re seeing at the office are amazing.

Those interested in the technicalities behind Evernote’s server farm upgrade should check out the company’s detailed explanation of the process.

Grab Evernote 7.3 free in the App Store.

The 36.7MB download requires iOS 7 at a minimum.