Evernote Food app receives inevitable image filter update

evernote food 43

Epicures and foodies rejoice, Evernote has finally added image filters to its Food application. It seems like this move has been inevitable, ever since Evernote debuted the app—which allows you to take photos, notes and tag your favorite meals—back in 2011.

The new feature comes by way of a significant Evernote Food update today, which brings the app to version 4.3. And in addition to image filters, the update also brings about a new low-light photo capture mode called Food Light, and other improvements…

Here’s your full 4.3 change log:

– Food Light: take better photos of the meals you want to remember using Evernote Food’s new food light, optimized for low-light conditions. This new feature eliminates the need to settle for the grainy or washed out images created with a standard flash. Toggle the feature on/off from the camera screen in My Meals.

– Image Filters: a new collection of image filters created by the Evernote Food team to subtly enhance your photos and make your meals even more shareable. Tap your image thumbnails from the camera screen to apply filters in real-time, or apply filters to existing meals after the fact.

– Rotate Images: You can now rotate images to appear as you want them to in a My Meals note by choosing this option, located next to the image filters. 

I haven’t had Evernote Food installed on my iPhone for a while now, but I redownloaded it to check out these new features. And I’m happy to report, they work great. Food Light really does improve low-light shooting, and the image filters work just as you’d expect.

The whole app just feels really cohesive, with quick transitions and sharp graphics—Evernote does a great job with the UI in its iOS apps. I’m currently trying to work Pentultimate and the Evernote note-taking app into my work flow, but I’m not sure about Food.

Don’t get me wrong, I consider myself a foodie. But I just can’t bring myself to document all of my cooking/eating experiences. Those who can, though, should definitely grab the latest version of Evernote Food. It’s in the App Store, for both iPhone and iPad, for free.