Eric Schmidt

Eric Schmidt trolls Apple users (again): Galaxy S7 has better battery and camera than iPhone 6s

It's an established fact that Alphabet Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt owns an iPhone because, you know, it pays to experience what the competition is doing firsthand. In a fireside chat at the Startup Fest Europe in Amsterdam, Netherlands, today with CNBC journalist Julia Chatterley, he publicly admitted for the first time to using both an iPhone 6s and Galaxy S7, teasing the mostly iPhone-totting audience that Samsung's device is better.

You’ll never guess whom Google’s Chairman Eric Schmidt named his personal hero… or will you?

Google's former CEO and Chairman, Eric Schmidt, has a penchant for exaggeration. Not just infamous for telling bad jokes, Eric is known for going into a sputter when pressed on Google's privacy practices and making platitudinous statements on Android and rivalry with Apple that earn him headlines.

The iPhone 6, for example, he dissed by stating that “Samsung had these products a year ago”. Sometimes, he can't control himself to the point of risking public ridicule over claims like “Android is more secure than the iPhone”.

No doubt a talented technology executive, he's such a multi-layered personality and it's therefore perfectly fine to ask ourselves what principles guide Schmidt's thinking. Does he have a personal hero he looks up to, both in tech and outside of the technology industry?

Google’s Eric Schmidt has the nerve to shoot down Amazon’s drones over privacy worries

Google chairman Erich Schmidt is definitely on a roll these days. He first posted a guide on how to convert from iPhone to Android which draw much ridicule in suggesting that the latest high-end phones from Samsung, Motorola and Google represent "a great Christmas present to an iPhone user" because these devices have "better screens, are faster and have a much more intuitive interface".

Now, Schmidt's attention turns to Amazon's conceptual sci-fi Prime Air service that will use miniature everyday drones to deliver packages at customers' doorsteps. This, according to Schmidt, constitutes a serious violation of privacy because the drone technology can be used to spy on neighbors and record your private activities...

Google’s Eric Schmidt posts guide on how to convert from iPhone to Android

In an odd move, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt posted a step-by-step guide on his Google+ page yesterday, detailing how he recommends users go about switching from iPhone to Android. The guide is both lengthy and detailed.

Schmidt says his reason for posting the guide is that many of his "iPhone friends are converting to Android." And he claims that like the folks who moved from PC to Mac and never looked back, Android users will never switch back...

Google’s Eric Schmidt says Android is more secure than the iPhone

Back in August, an unclassified US government report on mobile security surfaced with data showing the various malware threats discovered on different platforms. And Android took the top spot, accounting for nearly 80% of all threats.

With that in mind, it's not surprising that Eric Schmidt garnered some laughs yesterday during a question-and-answer session at the Gartner Symposium, when he said that the Android platform was more secure than Apple's iPhone...

Eric Schmidt: Apple and Google relationship improving

Last year, the war between Apple and Google reached epic proportions. Not only were the two squaring off in the mobile platform space, and in the courtroom, but Apple actually booted Google's YouTube and Maps apps off the pre-installed list in iOS.

But things are calming down between the two tech titans, according to Google's Eric Schmidt. The executive chairman had nothing but nice things to say about the iPad-maker, telling reporters at the Sun Valley retreat that he "has a lot of respect for Apple..."

Eric Schmidt on Google Now for iOS: the ball is now in Apple’s court

An alleged promo video thought to show off an unreleased build of Google Now for the iPhone and iPad has piqued our interest, as you could imagine. It was pulled from YouTube soon after, posing questions about the state of the official Google Now software for Apple's mobile platform.

Speaking at the Google Big Tent Summit in India, Google's Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt hints Google Now has been submitted to Apple for approval. He suggested the ball is now in Apple's court. If approved, Google Now features are likely to be added to the Internet giant's native Search iOS app.

Update: Apple confirmed to CNET that Google never submitted Google Now to the App Store in the first place... 

Google chairman: Android is clearly winning the smartphone war

Google chairman Eric Schmidt thinks his company is clearly winning the smartphone war with Apple and he goes on the record to say it in no ambiguous terms. The numbers certainly support Android's position as the world's most popular smartphone platform in terms of volume.

According to Gartner, both Samsung and Apple controlled nearly half the world's smartphone market in the third quarter, or 46.5 percent. When it comes to mobile operating system share for smartphones, Android is in the clear lead with nearly three-quarters the market, or 72.4 percent, up from 52 percent in the year-ago quarter. Apple's iOS held 13.9 percent. However, when it comes to the profits, Apple leads smart device profits and by a large margin, too...