Eric Schmidt trolls Apple users (again): Galaxy S7 has better battery and camera than iPhone 6s

Eric Schmidt holding iPhne 6s Galaxy S7 image 001

It’s an established fact that Alphabet Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt owns an iPhone because, you know, it pays to experience what the competition is doing firsthand. In a fireside chat at the Startup Fest Europe in Amsterdam, Netherlands, today with CNBC journalist Julia Chatterley, he publicly admitted for the first time to using both an iPhone 6s and Galaxy S7, teasing the mostly iPhone-totting audience that Samsung’s device is better.

“I have a Samsung S7 and iPhone 6s and the Samsung is better. It has a better battery and a better camera. And those of you who are iPhone users, I’m right,” said Schmidt. This is the first time he’s openly admitted to using Apple’s device after being recently caught in public taking pictures with an iPhone 6s.

At one point, Chatterley asked those in the audience who are iPhone users to raise their hands. Much to Schmidt’s surprise, just a few hands went up, to which he responded by saying, “So much for the Android monopoly in Europe”.

Schmidt discussed other topics of interest at the conference, including the startup culture in Europe, the immense number of EU-laws and the possibility of Donald Trump becoming president of the United States.

Eric Schmidt taking photos with iPhone 6s in South Korea
Schmidt caught in public using an iPhone 6s to snap and share photographs during his recent trip to South Korea back in March, via Olson.

Before becoming an iPhone user, Schmidt used to be a self-proclaimed fan of BlackBerry’s handsets due to their clickety-clack physical keyboards.

Source: CNBC