eBay for Apple Watch launches, iOS app gains iPhone 6 and 1Password support and more

If you’re buying or selling on eBay, you can now receive gentle alerts on your wrist for your tracked items on the popular e-commerce service.

Thanks to eBay’s freshly updated iPhone application that now includes a WatchKit component, one of the most popular online marketplaces in the world is now available on the leading smartwatch on the market.

As TechCrunch reported Tuesday, the required Apple Watch-focused update to eBay’s iOS app is available in the App Store now.

eBay working on bidding app for Apple Watch

eBay may be developing an app for the Apple Watch which ties to its existing iPhone and iPad software, as per a job listing AppleInsider highlighted yesterday.

Originally posted to eBay’s careers webpage in November, the ad was spotted recently on LinkedIn.

The ad states the bespoke Watch app is being developed by the company’s New Technology Group, which employs over 200 engineers in product development in Portland.

An ideal candidate will “design and implement elegant solutions for the Apple Watch that will complement our core iOS eBay app,” reads the ad.

eBay revamps iPad app with exclusive deals on Apple accessories

The popular e-commerce service eBay on Tuesday launched its updated iPad client with a redesigned interface and exclusive deals on Apple accessories.

The 52.2-megabyte download improves your buying and selling functionality with the native tablet interface featuring bigger product images, better item suggestions, tabbed navigation, swiping, smarter search results, a brand new Today homepage and more.

Designed to put your products at the forefront and create an engaging shopping experience for buyers, the refreshed experience is aimed at “giving sellers the best platform to showcase their products and make it effortless for buyers to discover and engage with their inventory,” as per RJ Pittman, chief product officer at eBay.

Best deal: get a $100 iTunes gift card for $75

In what might be one of the best deals this Black Friday, you can currently get a $100 iTunes gift card for only $75 on eBay. Even those of you that aren’t good at math will be quick to realize this is a 25% discount on the full price, effectively giving you $25 of free iTunes credit.

eBay Now pulled from App Store, its functionality to be folded into main iOS app

You may have noticed that the official eBay Now shopping software for the iPhone and iPad has been pulled from the App Store over the weekend. Attempting to download the app yields an error message confirming the removal.

eBay Now allowed users to find and buy various products from local stores. This particular app removal has nothing to do with Apple, mind you.

According to TechCrunch on Monday, the e-commerce website is planning to fold eBay Now functionality into its main iOS client as the Now service is “moving to core” and the company rethinks its same-day delivery plans.

eBay app update allows you to create, pay for and print shipping labels

Popular auction site eBay has updated its iOS client, bringing the app to version 3.5. The update brings about a handful of improvements, including performance and speed boosts and various new country-specific features.

The release adds new checkout features in Germany and Australia, and a new click and collect option for Argos in the UK. Users can now purchase something from Argos on eBay in-app, and choose to pick the item up locally.

eBay taking 20% off iTunes Gift Cards

If you’ve been on the lookout for the latest deals on iTunes Gift Cards, head over to PayPal’s Digital Gifts eBay store as it’s currently offering 20 percent off iTunes Gift Cards in several denominations. The $25, $50 and $100 cards are now available with a twenty percent discount so you’ll end up paying $20, $40 and $80, respectively.

That’s a nice 20 percent saving right off the bat on anything you purchase on Apple’s content stores. iTunes Gift Cards can be used to buy Mac and iOS apps, electronic books, movies, TV shows, music and other digital items carried on Apple’s content stores.

You can also apply your iTunes credit toward the purchase of iCloud storage upgrades and use it to buy stuff in apps via In-App Purchases.

eBay gains Now feature, in-app alerts, better search, bonus offers, charity donations and more

eBay, an e-commerce website, has a nice iPhone and iPad app which has just gotten a whole lot more useful. Now available as an iOS 7.0-only download from the App Store, the new eBay version 3.4 offers a plethora of new features, refinements and improvements that advance the experience.

For starters, the software now delivers important alerts inside itself when using the app.

Moreover, the eBay Now feature for finding and buying products from local stores is now integrated and you can check a buyer’s location when reviewing a Best Offer. You can also explore bonus offers from eBay sellers, donate a percentage of your sales toward charity purposes and more.

Apple’s second secret eBay store goes live with pre-owned iPhones

Back in November 2012, a secret mini-store popped up on eBay with officially certified, little-used Apple products, similar to those found on the company’s own refurbished section at the Online Apple Store.

However, since selling through the initial allotment of good-as-new gear the Apple Certified Refurbished Products section on eBay has seen little activity in terms of deals on iPhones, iPad, MacBooks and other products.

Today, Apple reportedly launched a brand new secret store – again on eBay, but this time around offering certified and unlocked GSM iPhone 5 units, with prices starting at $449 with free shipping…

eBay app receives big update with new Home page, larger photos and more

Good news for eBay users this afternoon, the e-commerce giant has posted a significant update for its iOS client, bringing the app to version 3.3. The update brings about a number of new features and improvements, including a redesigned Home page, Passbook support and more.
The revamped Home page includes Watched items, Feed and eBay Deals—everything you’d want to see upon first launching the app. Other areas have been refreshed as well, with larger photos and new product reviews for items in the eBay Catalog. Full change log after the break…

Pebble gains official Evernote, eBay and Time Warner apps

Last month, Pebble launched its dedicated smartwatch app store with over 1,000 apps and watch faces. Few of the apps were noteworthy, but the company promised that it was working on landing titles from high profile developers.

And today it made good on that promise, as its launched 3 new smartwatch apps from well-known tech giants. Pebble owners can now access their eBay and Evernote accounts, as well as their TWC equipment, right from their wrists…

Paypal updated with new security features, Smart Connect support and more

Folks who use eBay’s PayPal payment service will be happy to hear that the company updated its iOS client this morning, bringing the app to version 5.4. The update brings about an important new security feature as well as various other improvements.

The new security feature allows you to attach your mobile phone to your PayPal account so that they can be sure it’s you authorizing activity. It does this by linking the phone number(s) of the device(s) you use PayPal on to your 4-digit security PIN code…