Get 15% off your eBay order with this Labor Day coupon

If you're in the market for a new pair of headphones, a jacket, a vacuum cleaner or really anything else you can find on eBay, now is a great time to buy. In celebration of the upcoming Labor Day holiday, the online retailer is hosting a sale that takes 15% off select items on its website. We have all the details and a roundup of our favorite deals below.

Apple Pay is coming to eBay as a new payment option

With eBay and Paypal no longer part of the same corporate entity, the e-commerce site is looking to offer more payment options to sellers. Chief among them is Apple Pay, which is expected to begin rolling out as a payment option before the end of the year, according to AppleInsider.

My locked Apple Watch Edition eBay adventure

eBay is the Wild West of shopping. There are some rules, but mostly its a wasteland of objects and you can call in the Marshall, to continue my terrible pun, if you need to report someone or get your money back. It is not as bad as Craigslist. I generally stay away from both.

However, my desire for a shiny white Apple Watch Edition and my unwillingness to pay $1,350 for a new one, drove me into the world's largest yard sale, eBay. After purchasing the Apple Watch Edition Series 2, it was a full three weeks before I was able to use it, thanks to the disaster that is Apple Authentication Lock. The saga has me swearing to never order a used Apple device again.

Your old iPod could net you up to $20,000

Old iPods have apparently become the latest craze in the world of collectables. As noted by The Guardian, various Apple-branded MP3 players from the early 2000s are going for insane prices on eBay right now, depending of course on the model and condition.

For example, a factory-sealed third-generation iPod shuffle is listed on the auction site at $999.95, and it has 10 watchers. A fourth-generation U2 edition iPod is priced at just under $7,000. And a new-in-box second-generation iPod classic? A staggering $20,000.

PayPal app redesign adds new start screen, ‘one-click’ cash request, & more

The PayPal app for iOS, which has been long over-due for an update, has finally received its much-needed update on Thursday that adds official support for the retina HD displays of Apple's 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch handsets.

The app, which is still a free download from the App Store, has been completely redesigned with a slew of changes to make using the app not only feel better, but look better.

eBay 4.0 for iPhone and iPad drops with redesigned UI, easier access to top deals, promotions & more

Online retail giant eBay is celebrating its 20th anniversary today. To mark the occasion, the company has released a long-expected revamp to its iPhone and iPad bidding app in the App Store.

For starters, eBay 4.0 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, a free download, sports a revamped appearance along with an all-new app icon. At long last, the app is now universal and provides an easier access to top deals, promotions and events, “balanced with streamlined ways to access the powerful eBay features you’ve come to rely on.”