Apple partners with Sprint, Samsung, and eBay on a new wind farm in Texas

Wind farms have become a solid focal point for Apple (and other companies) over the last several years, and that trend continues with another big investment in renewable energy for the company.

Apex Clean Energy today announced that Apple is partnering with several different companies to purchase 75 megawatts of energy from a brand new wind farm being installed in the state of Texas. According to the announcement, Sprint, Samsung, and eBay will be partnering with Apple on the clean energy investment.

The White Mesa Wind Project will launch completely in early 2021. When it does, it will be a 500-megawatt wind farm located in Crockett County, Texas.

These shareable efforts for renewable energy are a way for large companies like this to pool their efforts to have less of an impact on the planet. The announcement states that Apple brought in the other companies that agreed to the partnership, “which will enable all participants to access cost-effective low-carbon renewable energy from the new project”.

We’re proud to be powering all of Apple’s operations around the world with 100 percent renewable energy and driving the private sector to support the clean energy transition,” said Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of environment, policy and social initiatives. “Businesses of all sizes and of varying energy needs can help bring new, renewable energy online. This collaborative agreement in Texas is a model we hope others will replicate.

This is not the only wind farm-related news regarding Apple. Back in September of this year it was reported that the China Clean Energy Fund from Apple had invested in three separate wind farms in China. All of these efforts, and others, helped Apple achieve its goal of powering its operations around the world with 100% renewable energy, but obviously the company is not done making these vast changes, including getting its supply partners in on the fun, too.