eBay app update allows you to create, pay for and print shipping labels


Popular auction site eBay has updated its iOS client, bringing the app to version 3.5. The update brings about a handful of improvements, including performance and speed boosts and various new country-specific features.

The release adds new checkout features in Germany and Australia, and a new click and collect option for Argos in the UK. Users can now purchase something from Argos on eBay in-app, and choose to pick the item up locally.

But the biggest addition, for me anyway, in the 3.5 update is the ability to order shipping labels. Folks in the United States can now create, pay for, and print shipping labels for recently sold items all from within the mobile app.

I always use the mobile app to do as much as I can when listing an item on eBay because it’s far easier than the website. And now that I can order shipping labels from within the app, I may not ever have to use the website again.

As usual, you can find the latest version of the eBay app in the App Store for free.