Jailbreakers can enhance their access to iOS’ clipboard history with Copypasta

One of the more popular jailbreak tweak categories we’ve witnessed over the past couple of years would be those that create clipboard managers for the iPhone and iPad platforms. As it would seem, Apple’s simple cut/copy and paste solution isn’t suitable enough for serious multitaskers who cut or copy several things at a time before pasting them into another interface.

Of all the recent clipboard manager tweak releases that I remember, Copypasta by iOS developer Nepeta left an impression on me because of its ease of usability, aesthetically pleasing interface, and lack of a price tag. The tweak was originally designed for jailbroken iOS 11 and 12 devices, but it never received an update for iOS 13; that is, until now.

Boardy syncs your iPhone or iPad’s clipboard with your Mac or PC

Anyone that does serious multitasking between devices, especially with regard to their iPhone or iPad and their personal computer, is certain to take a liking to a newly released jailbreak tweak dubbed Boardy by iOS developer Greg0109.

Boardy integrates the clipboard of your iPhone or iPad and personal computer, making it so that you can copy something on your mobile handset and paste it on your personal computer, or vice-versa. Perhaps more importantly, the tweak supports all the major desktop operating systems that you’re likely to be using, including Linux, macOS, and Windows.

ConfirmPasteboard enhances pasteboard privacy on jailbroken iPhones & iPads

Privacy is a growing concern these days as seemingly more and more apps try to harvest our personal data for the sake of monetary gain. What we learn from this is actually quite simple: people generally don’t like being tracked and prefer to enjoy their right to privacy.

Smartphone-centric privacy breaches happen a number of different ways, including location tracking, camera or microphone spying, and/or Photo Library snooping. But the pasteboard, which may sometimes store sensitive information if you do any copying and pasting on your iPhone or iPad, is another thing that often slips under the radar.

Wasabi brings a supercharged clipboard manager to jailbroken iPhones

In a world where multitasking becomes more and more important to the average iPhone and iPad user, the clipboard experience on both the iOS and iPadOS platforms leaves a lot to be desired out of the box. Unfortunately, this doesn’t look like an area that Apple aims to improve any time soon.

The bright side of this particular scenario is that a newly released jailbreak tweak dubbed Wasabi by iOS developer Nepeta provides jailbreakers with the clipboard experience that all iPhone and iPad users deserve.

Control iOS clipboard access on a per-app basis with NoClipboardForYou

I have a hard time trusting apps with my privacy as it is, but my worries run deeper when they’re realized by app makers that seemingly have zero interest in conserving user privacy, but rather harvesting user data for the sake of profit or surveillance.

Examples that struck irritating chords with me included learning that popular apps like LinkedIn and TikTok snooped on users’ clipboards without their permission. Apple’s upcoming iOS 14 update makes users more aware of app-centric clipboard access, but if you don’t plan to update because you’re jailbroken, then you can use a newly released and free jailbreak tweak called NoClipboardForYou by iOS developer shiftcmdk instead.

How to copy your favorite website URLs in Safari for iPhone to the clipboard

So you've spent countless hours organizing a bunch of websites you frequent the most in Safari and saving them as your Favorites collection to revisit later, or putting them in custom bookmark folders like "Work", "Games" or some such, only to realize that you cannot easily export their underlying URLs to share with others. Thankfully, Safari for iPhone and iPad provides a not-so-obvious option that lets you do just that. In this step-by-step tutorial, we're going to show you how to copy your favorite website URLs in Safari for iPhone and iPad.

Pasithea 2 clipboard manager for jailbroken devices gets iOS 11 and 12 support

One of the weakest links in iOS’ native multitasking capabilities is the clipboard management system, and perhaps unsurprisingly, there’ve been a lot of jailbreak tweaks released in recent memory to address this problem, such as CopyLog and Copypasta to name a few.

As for those who favor the classics over newer and more lightweight releases, Pasithea 2 by iOS developer Cannathea can provide a more full-fledged clipboard-access experience, and with native keyboard integration at that.

Improve your iPhone’s clipboard management capabilities with Copypasta

It’s no secret that iOS’ native clipboard leaves a lot to be desired, and that should underscore why there’s been such an uptick in the number of clipboard manager-centric apps and jailbreak tweaks for iOS as of late.

Although we’ve come to appreciate much of what’s available already, we’re also excited to discuss a new free release called Copypasta by iOS developer Nepeta. Its ultra-clean interface paired with the lack of a price tag make it a compelling option for many.

The best free clipboard managers for iPhone

Best Clipboard Managers iPhone

Clipboards are valuable tools for writers, programmers, students, and so many others. Copying references, code, links, text, and similar items and keeping them for later saves us time because we can grab what we want as soon as we see it.

The Universal Clipboard on iOS and Mac is great and lets you copy and paste across devices. The problem is that you only have the last copied item handy. What if you want to save more than that?

This is where clipboard manager apps for iPhone come in to help. You can save and manage all of your clippings quickly and easily. These are the best free clipboard managers for your devices and they each work with the Universal Clipboard as well for an awesome bonus.

CopyLog: A full-fledged Clipboard manager for jailbroken iOS devices

Whenever you copy or cut something on your iPhone or iPad, it gets stored in what’s called the Clipboard such that it can be pasted elsewhere in the future. By default, iOS only lets you store one item in the Clipboard at a time, but a new Clipboard manager jailbreak tweak called CopyLog by iOS developer TomT000 changes this to make copying and pasting several items so much easier.

Citing the developer, CopyLog’s user interface has been hugely inspired by the popular Mac app Paste, and enables you to keep track of numerous Clipboard items. What’s more is CopyLog lets you favorite certain Clipboard items, which helps you save them for easy access later.

How to copy and paste across iPhone, iPad and Mac with Universal Clipboard

Copy Paste Text from iPad to Mac Mail

Apple has a wonderful feature that allows you to copy from one device and paste to another. This is called the Universal Clipboard. You may have heard of it and don’t take advantage of it or this may be completely new to you.

Why is this handy? There are numerous ways that the Universal Clipboard can be of use.

Maybe you’re doing research on your iPhone and find information you need to have for a document on your Mac. Maybe you snap a screenshot of something on your Mac that you want to mark up on your iPad. Maybe it’s as simple as a link you want to copy from Chrome on your iPhone over to Safari on your iPad.

Whatever the reason, using the Universal Clipboard is convenient. Here’s how to set it up and use it to copy and paste across iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

How to copy and paste Mac screenshots into iPhone apps

Mac screenshot copy paste screen utility

If you take screenshots on your Mac, you may want to have access to them on your iPhone. You might be troubleshooting a problem, need the screenshot as a reference, or just want to share it with someone.

Using the Universal Clipboard, you can easily pop the shots from your Mac into an app on your iPhone like Notes, Mail, or a social media app. Here’s how to paste Mac screenshots into iPhone apps.