Stay up-to-date with the latest news and releases of checkra1n, an unpatchable semi-tethered jailbreak based on a powerful bootrom exploit supporting A7-A11 devices on iOS and iPadOS 12.0 and higher.

How to get Sileo on your checkra1n or unc0ver jailbreak (the right way)

The fabled Sileo package manager, which was once endemic to jailbreaks such as Chimera, Odyssey, and Taurine, is now officially available for all modern jailbreak solutions, including the likes of checkra1n and unc0ver, without the requirement of installing the Odysseyra1n script or the Procursus bootstrap.

Given just how frequently we’re asked how to get the Sileo package manager alongside Cydia on checkra1n or unc0ver without unwanted hacks or substantial jailbreak-changing commitments, we decided to take this unique opportunity to show you how to use the new Sileo installer for the checkra1n and unc0ver jailbreaks.

Sileo now officially available on all jailbreaks that use the Bingner/Elucubratus bootstrap

The Sileo package manager has long carried the stigma of being exclusive to specific jailbreaks – namely those created by CoolStar-led development teams such as Chimera for iOS 12, Odyssey for iOS & iPadOS 13, and Taurine for iOS & iPadOS 14.

Third-party ports to permit Cydia and Sileo on the same device have always existed, such as the now legacy Diatrus installer and the more recent Bingner installer. The Oydssey Team even went as far as to create an Odysseyra1n script that could turn a checkra1n’d handset into a quasi-Odyssey device with the procursus bootstrap and the Sileo package manager; the latter was especially popular given the length of time it took for an inclusive iOS & iPadOS 14 jailbreak to surface.

Substitute updated to version 2.0.10 with more bug fixes

Substitute, the tweak injection method used by the unc0ver jailbreak (and optionally on checkra1n devices), received an update this week that officially brought the package up to version 2.0.10.

Much like the previous update that launched around a month ago, Substitute version 2.0.10 brings bug fixes to improve the package’s performance and stability.

This tweak fixes SMS-based one time password auto-fill after jailbreaking with unc0ver or checkra1n

If you just recently jailbroke your iPhone or iPad with the unc0ver or checkra1n jailbreaks, and you noticed that certain native features of your handset’s keyboard have stopped working as expected, then we’ve got some good news for you!

iOS developer Baw Apple has just released a new and free jailbreak tweak called u0SMSCompleteFix that apparently resolves these issues after jailbreaking these particular versions of iOS or iPadOS.

Got a checkra1n’d iPhone X with iOS 14 without a passcode? This tweak is for you

If you’re using a Face ID-enabled handset without a passcode, which might very well be the case if you’re using the checkra1n jailbreak on the iPhone X with iOS 14, then you may notice how interacting with notifications from the Lock Screen takes more effort than it needs to.

More specifically, if you don’t have a passcode, then tapping on a notification banner from the Lock Screen reveals an Open button that must be tapped before you’re brought to the app’s interface to interact with the missed notification.

How to install Odysseyra1n on a checkra1n device

By default, the checkra1n jailbreak installs Cydia as the defacto package manager, and Cydia Substrate or Substitute can be used for tweak injection. But if you’re accustomed to the Chimera or Odyssey jailbreaks, then you might prefer to use Sileo for package management and libhooker for tweak injection instead, yet checkra1n’s jailbreak method offers many benefits over relying on certificates or signed apps.

If you’re wondering whether it’s possible to install Sileo and libhooker on your checkra1n device, then the astounding answer would be yes! A script called Odysseyra1n installs the entire bootstrap on your checkra1n device, allowing you to have an Odyssey-like experience on your checkra1n jailbreak.

Screenshots of checkra1n on Windows 10 surface, but release schedule still unclear

The checkra1n jailbreak tool is renowned for its use of a powerful bootrom exploit called checkm8, which can’t be patched by Apple via a software update because the exploit exists in the hardware of devices equipped with A7-A11 processors.

The checkra1n team initially released the checkra1n jailbreak as a macOS-only application in 2019, and it wasn’t until a good bit into 2020 that the tool picked up support for Linux. As for Windows, the checkra1n team planned to support it, but to this day hasn’t implemented official support in a public release. So what’s the hold up, exactly?

Substitute v2.0.7 update adds improved support for cycript

Substitute, the tweak injection and code substitution method that is commonly utilized by the unc0ver jailbreak, and in some cases even the checkra1n jailbreak, received a major revamp with the launch of v2.0 at the start of this year.

Over the last couple of weeks, Substitute has seen a slew of smaller updates comprising of bug fixes and performance improvements, and as it would seem, there are more planned updates in the pipeline.

Luca Todesco teases pongoOS running on an M1-equipped Mac

It’s not unheard of to see checkra1n team member Luca Todesco Tweeting about some sort of jaw-dropping hacking achievement. Todesco has shown time and time again that he wields magnificent hacking talents, and as of this evening, he appears to be at it again.

In a series of Tweets shared Saturday, Todesco teased multiple photographs of what appears to be pongoOS running on one of Apple’s brand-new M1 chip-equipped Macs.

Checkra1n jailbreak user gets Ubuntu running on an iPhone 7

The checkra1n jailbreak utilizes such a powerful exploit that it offers a whole lot more than just a package manager and instant access to your favorite jailbreak tweaks. In fact, the hardware-based checkm8 bootrom exploit has proven more than capable of enabling a whole host of interesting hacks on compatible devices.

The latest of such hacks comes by way of Twitter user @RowRocka, who on Monday afternoon Tweeted a YouTube video of Ubuntu version 20.04 running on an iPhone 7 that had been pwned with the checkra1n jailbreak tool.

How to get the new iOS 14.2 emojis on your jailbroken device

The last few iOS point releases had been all quiet on the emoji front, but iOS and iPadOS 14.2 brought over 100 novelties to users, including such ragers as "Pinched Fingers" (that emphatic gesture which often accompanies a hackneyed impression of an Italian), "Bubble Tea", "Ninja", and "Tamale" (at last!). Whilst stock users will have to update to iOS 14.2 to make use of these little beauties, jailbroken users don't have to, thanks to developer Poomsmart.

Choosing between losing your jailbreak by updating to iOS 14.2, or being unable to spam your friends with the Dodo emoji, is thankfully not necessary. We'll show you how to get the best of both worlds.

Checkra1n v0.12.2 fixes A10/A10X device crash on iOS 14.3, enables USB on Apple TV 4K

While many of us are gathering with small circles of close friends and family to usher in the incoming 2021 year this New Year’s Eve, the checkra1n team appears to have different plans.

Earlier this evening, the checkra1n team took to Twitter to announce that the checkra1n jailbreak tool has been updated to version 0.12.2 with a small number of changes, although notable ones nevertheless.