Charlie Rose

Here’s Charlie Rose’s full interview with Apple’s boss Tim Cook

CBS journalist and television talk show host Charlie Rose interviewed Apple's Tim Cook last December, but the complete video of the interview was behind the paywall up until recently.

Now, thanks to Hulu, you get to watch the whole 32-minute-long thing in your own time.

In the interview, Cook responds to wide-ranging questions, from what makes Apple Apple to whether the Apple Watch is his baby—even going as far as to suggest publicly how his company can improve its existing software and services.

Rejecting reason to innovate and other tidbits from new Charlie Rose interview with Jony Ive

Nearly three months following its wide-ranging interview with Apple's CEO Tim Cook, revered CBS journalist and television talk show host Charlie Rose sat down with Jony Ive, Apple’s Chief Design Officer and arguably the most powerful figure in the Cupertino company after his boss Tim Cook.

Ive explained how you “have to reject reason to innovate,” talked Steve Jobs and how Apple can stay hungry, discussed how Apple's products are “the physical manifestation of a set of believes” and more.

Tim Cook says Apple tax avoidance talk is ‘total political crap’

60 Minutes on Friday shared a one minute clip from its upcoming interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook. In the preview, Charlie Rose asks for Cook's thoughts regarding Apple's congressional tax hearing, which found the company to be engaged in a "sophisticated scheme" to avoid taxes on its $74 billion held overseas.

"That is total political crap," Cook says. "There is no truth behind it. Apple pays every tax dollar we owe." He explains that Apple does a lot of business overseas, which is why a lot of its revenues are overseas, and although the company would like to bring that cash back to the United States, it would cost 40% to do so.

Charlie Rose offering inside look at Jony Ive’s design lab, new store design on Sunday

Noted journalist and television talk show host Charlie Rose will be offering an inside look at Jony Ive's design lab and new store design on Sunday. CBS' TV series 60 Minutes announced Rose's upcoming segment via Twitter late Thursday evening.

According to the tweets, 60 Minutes will be showing footage from inside Jonathan Ive’s secret design studio at Apple's headquarters—an area few outsiders have traveled. In one of the tweets, a photo shows Ive explaining a design process to Rose.

Tim Cook talks user privacy in part 2 of Charlie Rose interview

PBS has posted a new clip of Tim Cook's interview with Charlie Rose to YouTube this evening. The two-part interview, of which the first half aired on Friday night and the second half airs tonight, covers a wide range of topics, including Steve Jobs, the Apple Watch and more.

The latest clip sees Cook talking with Rose about user privacy, and how Apple approaches the hot button issue. Cook explains that Apple isn't in the business of collecting user data, and it purposefully designs its services—email, iMessage, etc.—to collect as little of it as possible.

Tim Cook talks Steve Jobs, Beats buyout and more in Charlie Rose interview

Apple CEO Tim Cook is making the media rounds this week, following his company's big product unveiling event on Tuesday. He's spoken with ABC, The Wall Street Journal and several other outlets, and today he has popped up in an interview on PBS' The Charlie Rose Show.

It's a two-part interview, with the first segment airing today, and PBS has just posted a handful of clips from the conversation to YouTube. In them, Cook talks to Charlie about a wide range of topics, including Steve Jobs, Apple's Beats acquisition, and its future plans for TV.

SoftBank CEO tells how he landed the iPhone in 2008

During a television interview with Charlie Rose that aired this week, SoftBank's CEO Masayoshi Son told an interesting story of how he landed the iPhone in 2008. Apparently Son met with Steve Jobs two years before Apple launched the infamous handset to discuss...smartphones.

Son told Rose that he arranged a meeting with Jobs solely to show him a crude sketch of an iPod with mobile capabilities. Obviously, since the iPhone project was already well underway, Jobs didn't need the drawing, but the meeting still spawned a relationship between the two...

Jony Ive on Charlie Rose on the value of simplicity

Apple's SVP of Design Jony Ive along with his good friend, industrial designer Marc Newson, has lent his magic touch to a few one-off items for Sotheby’s (RED) charity auction to help fight AIDS in Africa. Some of the unique objects the two men designed include a one-off red-colored Mac Pro, a unique aluminum-clad desk and a gorgeous Leica M camera.

Ahead of tomorrow's charity, Ive and Newson sat last night with American television talk show host and journalist Charlie Rose to discuss how they interacted to create these unique objects of affection that'll end up being used by their highest-paying owners...

Larry Ellison joins the Apple doomsayers camp, here’s why he’s disillusioned

Apart from being one of the richest entrepreneurs on the planet, the Silicon Valley billionaire and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison is also known as a long-time friend of late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. The two men go a long way back and shared a passion for minimalism, spirituality and unconventional managerial style.

The one notable exception, of course, being Ellison's penchant for spending his fortunes on expensive yachts and houses and indulging himself in otherworldly pleasures.

So should you be worried after hearing Steve's personal friend openly suggest that Apple can't thrive without its legendary co-founder because "we already know" Apple is doomed without Steve because "we conducted the experiment" before?

In a word, no...

Bill Gates recounts emotionally on final meeting with Steve Jobs

Microsoft co-founder and chairman previously reflected on his meeting with Steve Jobs shortly before his death on October 5, 2011 at the age of 56. According to Walter Isaacson's official bio book on Jobs, the two talked about their 30-year relationship and rivalry, including the early days of the Macintosh.

Last night, Gates sat down with 60 Minutes' Charlie Rose to once again recount his final meeting with Jobs. In an emotional outpouring, teary-eyed Gates reflected on the wide range of topics they discussed, including admitting their failure to re-innovate educational through technology. Your video is right after the break...