Charlie Rose offering inside look at Jony Ive’s design lab, new store design on Sunday

ive and rose

Noted journalist and television talk show host Charlie Rose will be offering an inside look at Jony Ive’s design lab and new store design on Sunday. CBS’ TV series 60 Minutes announced Rose’s upcoming segment via Twitter late Thursday evening.

According to the tweets, 60 Minutes will be showing footage from inside Jonathan Ive’s secret design studio at Apple’s headquarters—an area few outsiders have traveled. In one of the tweets, a photo shows Ive explaining a design process to Rose.

Additionally, Charlie Rose will join retail chief Angela Ahrendts on a tour inside Apple’s “store of the future.” A photo shows the pair walking into what looks like a concept for future store, which resembles current Apple store designs with modern touches.

Rose has interviewed Ive before, and did a great job in his discussion with Tim Cook last year, so it’ll definitely be worth tuning in on Sunday. As always, we will make sure to report any notable news from the show, and post footage when it becomes available. Source: Twitter