Microsoft’s Bing gets its iOS 7 revamp and flat icon

I'm not using Microsoft's Bing search engine much on the web, but really meant to fall in love with the iPhone and iPad app, and long before Google's Search iOS software became sleek. The problem is, Redmond was rolling out those updates way too slow for my taste.

I last checked Bing out some time last year and was disappointed that it still had certain non-Retina elements to it, such as the logo graphics. Today, Bing for the iPhone and iPad has gotten a fresh coat of paint, a nice new flattened logo and a completely revamped user interface re-created from scratch with iOS 7 in mind...

Apple makes Bing Siri’s default search engine

"The enemy of my enemy, is my friend." That proverb seems fitting for the new Bing partnership Apple announced today, which sees Microsoft's lackluster search engine tapped as the default search engine for the snarky digital assistant Siri.

The entire audience went silent during the keynote this morning, as Apple's SVP of Internet software and services Eddy Cue announced that new in iOS 7, Siri will be able to respond to queries with integrated Bing web search results...

Microsoft recaps its ‘milestones’ in 2012

Microsoft, once the mighty Apple archival, in ways more than one is now directly or indirectly supporting Apple's war on Android. With that in mind, let's check out Microsoft's recap video highlighting its milestones in 2012, one for each month. I'd call only two Microsoft products milestones: Halo 4, which raked in $220 million in sales in the first 24 hours, and the Xbox console with Kinect, which got Windows support in February.

As much as I like Windows Phone's originality, it's failed to make a dent and clings to a single-digit market share. The Surface is a flop (even the CEO agrees) and major software launches like Windows 8 and server products have not met the management's internal expectations. Besides, Apple's iPhone biz recently became worth more than all of Microsoft. How's that for a milestone?

Microsoft rolls out Bing social sidebar on iPads

Microsoft recently overhauled its Bing search engine around a new social bar to let desktop users "find people who are relevant to your search based on what they’ve shared, publically blogged or tweeted about".

Friday, the Bing team announced that the feature is now available on the iPad and iPad mini via browser support for iOS Safari. The new UI adapts to landscape or portrait orientation automatically, with the social bar on the right.

If you're a big Bing fan, this addition makes it easy to learn what your friends shared on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Klout related to what you’re searching for...

Microsoft to Safari users: Google screwed you, use Bing instead

Exploiting a record $25 million settlement Google negotiated with The United States Government over the iOS Safari privacy breach that erupted back in February 2012, software giant Microsoft put together a little web page meant to convince Apple users to use Bing as their default search engine.

The Windows maker is reminding us of Google's failed promise of not tracking Safari users without their permission, suggesting Google's credibility has been tarnished beyond repair. Want to do something about it?

Use Bing instead, the company proposes...

How much Google pays Apple to get its search onto iOS devices

While it's true that users can switch between Google, Bing and Yahoo when deciding which search engine to use in Safari on iOS, it's debatable as to whether anyone does actually change it. We're going to put our money on the percentage being on the low side!

That's why being the default search option on iOS is so important. If you're the one chosen out of the box, then the chances are you'll be the one that gets the vast majority of hits from users. Right now, that default choice is Google, and they pay handsomely for the privilege according to Macquarie analyst Ben Schachter.

Just how handsomely, you ask?

InstaURL: Search Google, Bing, or Yahoo From Anywhere

InstaURL is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to perform web searches from anywhere on your iDevice.

Similar to QuickGoogle and QuickSafari, InstaURL isn't alone when it comes to tweaks of this nature.

Is it different enough to warrant paying the $0.99? Check inside for the full video walkthrough...

Siri Can Also Search Bing and Yahoo

If you've spent any time with Siri, you may have noticed that you can actually ask it to search the web for pretty much anything. At this point, Siri fires up a Google search and populates the search field with whatever it thinks you asked. The degree of accuracy here very much depends on your accent and whether it's a full moon or not, but on the whole, it does the job fairly well.

But did you know that you can also have Siri work its magic with both the Microsoft Bing and Yahoo search engines? Well, you can...

Microsoft Releases OneNote, a New App for the iPhone

Microsoft already has a few apps in Apple's App Store, such as, Bing and Windows Live Messenger. However, no Microsoft Office programs have made their way to the iOS platform - that is, until now. (Don't get your hopes up, there's still no Word app for iPhone.)

Microsoft has released its note-syncing app in the App Store, which will work with its Windows desktop counterpart. This move by Microsoft is an obvious attempt at further reaching out to the mobile worker and student. OneNote is packaged in the Mac bundle of the Microsoft Office suite, but Windows users will be happy to know they can now take their Office notes with them thanks to the beauty of cloud-sync technology...

Apple Keeps Google as Default Search Engine for the iPhone, Other iOS Devices

The most annoying commercials I see in the very little TV I watch in a week have to be the Bing commercials. They give me a headache. That being said. I won't have to worry about Microsoft's search engine replacing Google as the default topic finder.

Mac Rumors reports that Google CEO Eric Schmidt told Charlie Rose that the company recently extended their initial deal with Apple as the default search engine for all iOS devices. There were rumors that the iPhone and others might jump, leaving Bing to be the front runner. Apple recently allowed iOS users the ability to use Bing as a search engine, though users have to opt-in to participate...

This is Big: Bing to Replace Google in iPhone OS 4

This is some seriously big news. TechCrunch reported yesterday that according to their sources, Bing might replace Google as the default search engine in the upcoming iPhone OS 4.

To most people, this news won't mean much and some of you might even think it's not a big deal. But it is. It is a huge deal because it's just one more fight between Apple and Google in the great battle to take over the mobile market.

Back in December I wrote an article (one of the first on the topic, mind you) titled "Apple Vs Google: the war is on" in which I was kinda predicting that things were going to turn bad between the 2 giants. Then a bit later, rumors started going around that Apple and Microsoft might actually join forces to fight the oh-so-evil Google.

Today it seems that these rumors are resurfacing, and as anti-Google advocate, I'm hoping these rumors come true.

Google is rumored to be paying $100M/year to Apple for being the default search engine. My guess is that Microsoft offered at least the same amount. At any rates, I don't think Apple is in it for the money here ; after all, $100M is peanuts for Apple.

They're just realizing that the iPhone is powered by too many Google services (maps, YouTube, search), and if they want to fight Google on the mobile market, they have to fight them everywhere, which means getting rid of as many Google services.

While a Microsoft/Apple partnership would have sounded completely crazy a few years ago, it seems to make more and more sense today. Microsoft is not going to win the mobile battle (heck, they're already losing it) and they know it. They also know they have to partner with someone strong in the mobile market if they want to be relevant in search. Good move from Microsoft if indeed this rumor is true.

In the meanwhile, Apple surpasses Microsoft as the largest tech company in the world. It's crazy to see how quickly things can move.

What do you think?