Beats Fit Pro

Apple updates Beats Fit Pro headphones to firmware version 4E64

A Beast Fit Pro charging case with both earbuds shown with the lid open, laid flat on a gray work desk next to a white Apple wireless keyboard

Just before the end of 2021, Apple-owned Beats launched a brand new pair of truly wireless headphones, the Beats Fit Pro. And then, a little bit after that, the headphones received a firmware update to version 4B65. Here we are in the waning days of March of 2022 and the headphones are getting another software update.

Beats Fit Pro truly wireless headphones now official for $199

Earlier in October, a beta version of iOS 15.1 revealed that the Apple-owned Beats was working on a pair of brand new truly wireless headphones. The prerelease software even told us what they'd be called: Beats Fit Pro. And, sure enough, that all turned out to be true because the new headphones are official.