12 solutions to fix autocorrect not working on iPhone or iPad

Solutions to fix auto-correct not working on iPhone

Auto-correct or auto-correction automatically corrects the words you misspell while typing. It's a handy feature that ensures your typing is spell-checked and error-free. However, sometimes it can get flaky.

If auto-correct is not working accurately on your iPhone or iPad or not working at all, the following solutions will fix the issue.

This jailbreak tweak brings autocorrect to Safari’s search bar

Autocorrect can make small adjustments to your typing in real-time to help keep your spelling in check when messaging or typing notes. But one place where autocorrect doesn’t seem to apply is the multi-function search bar in the Safari app.

It seems Apple went out of their way to prevent URLs from being auto-corrected into incorrect URLs before visiting a website. On the other hand, autocorrect can be a useful asset if you habitually misspell search queries since the search bar is used for both URLs and search queries; not just one or the other.

How to use spell check and autocorrection in Pages on Mac

Auto-correct and spell check in the Pages app on Mac

Spelling and grammar are essential when composing a document in Pages on Mac, especially for business or school papers. Knowing how to use the spelling and grammar check along with autocorrection can save you from simple mistakes that can make your documents appear unprofessional or worse.

If you haven’t taken a moment to check out these tools, this tutorial is for you. Here’s how to use spelling and grammar check as well as autocorrection in Pages on your Mac.

How to change text and formatting AutoCorrect settings in Word for Mac

Word AutoCorrect Options on Mac

Auto-correction is one of those features you either love or hate. We see it most in text messaging apps. And, it can be aggravating when you end up sending something in a message that you didn’t mean to, all because it was “automatically corrected” for you.

In Microsoft Word, however, the AutoCorrect feature can be quite useful. It can save you from errors, help you get your words out quicker, and format your document as you type. Here’s how to access, view, and adjust AutoCorrect settings in Word on Mac.

Apple’s vision of a streamlined clarification process for when Auto-Correction makes mistakes

There probably isn't a single iPhone user on this planet that hasn't experienced the “joys” of the Auto-Correction feature interfering with their messaging. Auto-Correction mistakes often produce hilarious miscommunications (there's a website for that).

Whether or not you're a heavy typist, you'll appreciate that Apple's been researching ways to improve Auto-Correction, according to a patent application that surfaced yesterday in the United States Patent and Trademark Office's (USPTO) database.

Cryptically titled “Device, method and graphical user interface for visible and interactive corrected content,” it envisions highlighting auto-corrected words in an iMessage for the recipient and a built-in Messages feature for streamlining the process of clarifying what the sender meant.

How to disable Auto-Correction on Mac

Like your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, your Mac sports an auto-correction feature that automatically corrects any misspelled words in your chats, documents, emails and other documents that work with the system-level Auto-Correction feature.

In many macOS apps, mistakes are automatically corrected as you type. Native speakers who know their way around the grammar and spelling rules may want to revert this behavior.

In this post, you will learn how to disable your Mac's built-in Auto-Correction feature.