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Crunchyroll is dropping support for older Apple TV models

Technology marches on, and, unfortunately, customers will always face the question of whether or not they should upgrade their devices. That decision might become a little easier when it's something like a streaming device, and, ultimately, support from third-party companies is vital to keep watching things. Which is why it might be sad to hear another popular streaming service is dropping support for older Apple TV models.

Apple issues a firmware update for the new Siri Remote

Apple's promotional image depicting a female hand holding the redesigned Siri Remote that ships with the second-generation Apple TV 4K

While the vast majority of updates for Apple's products are coupled with announcements, even the firmware updates from time to time, that's not always the case. Some minor firmware updates go mostly under the radar, especially when it comes to whatever "new" things are being added to the mix. That's the case with today's firmware update for the brand new Siri Remote.