Crunchyroll is dropping support for older Apple TV models

Technology marches on, and, unfortunately, customers will always face the question of whether or not they should upgrade their devices. That decision might become a little easier when it’s something like a streaming device, and, ultimately, support from third-party companies is vital to keep watching things. Which is why it might be sad to hear another popular streaming service is dropping support for older Apple TV models.

Crunchyroll, which has become basically the go-to source for watching anime these days, has confirmed that it will be dropping support for some of the older Apple TV models out there in the wild (via 9to5Mac). The change will go into effect one month from now, starting on September 15, 2022. Once that date hits, the Crunchyroll app will no longer support every Apple TV model.

Beginning on that date, Crunchyroll will no longer support streaming content on the first-, second-, or third-generation Apple TV models. The company does note that Crunchyroll customers will be able to stream from supported iPhone and iPad models directly to an Apple TV, as long as it’s the third-generation or newer. And Crunchyroll supports streaming over AirPlay 2 as well. Crunchyroll will still support the Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K moving forward.

So, if you’re a Crunchyroll customer and have an older Apple TV model, it may be time to start considering different options.

As hinted at above, this isn’t the first service to drop support for older Apple TV models. Back in 2020 it was HBO NOW and HBO Go, even though they extended support beyond their initial plans. And in early 2021, the MLB app dropped support for some older Apple-branded streaming boxes as well.