Apple TV 4K

Apple issues firmware update for Apple TV Siri Remote

A redesigned Siri-powered remote for the Apple TV streaming box is shown laid flat on its back on a glass table in this close-up photograph.

Firmware updates don't typically offer up the same amount of changes or new additions as a proper software update. However, it's always good to keep tabs on which is the latest software available for all of our products. Which is why you're getting updated on a recent firmware update for the Apple TV Siri Remote.

Microsoft’s ‘Keystone’ cloud streaming device may take on the Apple TV in the future

At one point in the past, Microsoft was putting a lot of the company's eggs on a future focused almost entirely on streaming entertainment. So much so that one of its previous video game consoles, the Xbox One, was practically kneecapped right out of the gate because of Microsoft's vision for the future. Things didn't pan out that way, though, and now, with the Xbox Series S and Series X, Microsoft's back on track. But that doesn't mean the company has given up on that particular dream.