tvOS 16.3.3 fixes unresponsive Siri Remote on the latest Apple TV 4K

Has the Siri Remote on your third-generation Apple TV 4K been laggy or unresponsive? If so, you need to download and install the tvOS 16.3.3 update.

On Monday, August 6, 2023, Apple released the minor tvOS 16.3.3 software update that fixes problems with the Siri Remote being unresponsive or laggy.

The official description of the update shared on the Apple website notes that tvOS 16.3.3 “fixes an issue where the Siri Remote can become unresponsive.”

tvOS 16.3.3 fixes unresponsive Siri Remotes

A redesigned Siri-powered remote for the Apple TV streaming box is shown laid flat on its back on a glass table in this close-up photograph.
Only the latest Apple TV 4K is affected | Image: James Yarema / Unsplash

No other fixes or improvements are listed for this update. The Siri Remote unresponsiveness is a problem that seems limited to the latest third-generation Apple TV 4K. Earlier generations of the device didn’t suffer from this issue so that’s why tvOS 16.3.3 only appears as an update on the latest Apple TV 4K.

How to download and install tvOS 16.3.3

If your Apple TV isn’t configured to automatically download and install new updates when they’re available, you can install tvOS 16.3.3 manually. To do so, go to Settings → System → Software Updates and select the Update Software option. If an over-the-air tvOS 16.3.3 update is listed as available, choose Download and Install.

tvOS 16.3.3 only shows up on the third-generation Apple TV 4K. If you’re unsure which model you own, our tutorial shows you how to identify any Apple TV model.

Be patient as the device downloads the update from Apple’s servers and prepares it. Don’t unplug your Apple TV 4K until tvOS 16.3.3 has been installed, at which point your device will automatically reboot. Read: How to take screenshots on Apple TV