Promo: Get a $50 Apple gift card with your Apple TV HD or Apple TV 4K purchase

Buying an Apple TV model from Apple will net you a $50 gift card that you can spend on apps, subscriptions, media, iCloud storage upgrades and more.

An angled top-down view of a second-generation Apple TV 4K along with an updated Siri Remote, set against a dark background
Image: Omar Rodriguez / Unsplash

Check out a new Apple TV gift card promotion

Apple on Friday, July 1, kicked off a limited-time promotion that awards your Apple TV purchase with a gift card. If you buy an Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD from Apple’s online store in the United States, you’ll automatically receive a $50 gift card. The Apple TV is a pricey device compared to other media streamers so this deal brings the price down by fifty bucks, kind of. That is, if you’re willing to spend the fifty bucks on the gift card in the Apple ecosystem — you’ll be charged the full price for your purchase, and a $50 gift card will arrive in your email inbox shortly. Again, you can’t use the gift card for your current purchase to bring the Apple TV price down. Read: What is Apple ID balance and how to use it on iPhone, iPad and Mac

How to get your $50 Apple gift card

Unfortunately, this Apple TV deal is valid only if you live in the United States. Apple customers outside the country are not eligible for this promotion. Furthermore, the promotion runs July 1-14. So if you don’t own an Apple TV but would like to get one, you have two weeks left to take advantage of this promotion.

Other caveats apply. For instance, the deal only applies to individual customers. Also, you must purchase your Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD from the Apple online store in the United States. The promo is unavailable at the company’s retail stores. Read: Helpful tips to set up your Apple TV the right way

How to use an Apple gift card

You can use an Apple gift card for everything Apple. Once you have redeemed your gift card, you can start using your Apple ID balance to cover purchases of apps, subscriptions, media and iCloud storage upgrades. On top of that, your Apple ID balance is available when purchasing Apple products and accessories at retail stores via Apple Pat. Read: What’s an Apple Account card in the Wallet app? How to use it?