Apple expands $50 gift card promotion for Apple TV purchases to European countries

Apple’s relaunched its $50 gift card promotion for Apple TV purchases in the US and expanded it to more countries, including Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

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  • What’s happening? Apple’s recent deal that gave you a free $50 gift card with your Apple TV HD or Apple TV 4K purchase has been relaunched in the United States, but this time the company has made it more broadly available to customers in European countries and in the United Kingdom
  • Why care? Apple rarely does such promotions on Apple TV hardware. People who have been on the fence about buying an Apple TV should consider this offer.
  • What to do? If you live in a country where this promotion is available, visit your local Apple website or call your local Apple store to learn if the promotion is available where you live. You have until August 15 to take action.

Apple TV $50 gift card promo is back, now in more countries

Apple’s online store went offline this morning in several countries as Apple was preparing to expand this deal. Initially, the promotion ran from July 1 through July 14 and was only available in the United States. But now, Apple has not only relaunched the deal in the United States but also expanded it to customers in the UK and European countries. Read: What is Apple ID balance and how to use it

In the United Kingdom, customers who purchase an Apple TV HD or Apple TV 4K will receive a £40 gift card. In Germany, France, Italy, Spain and other European countries, shoppers will receive a €50 gift card. You must purchase your Apple TV at an Apple retail or online store in your country. Read: Apple TV set up tips

The promotion is limited to two Apple TVs per customer and will expire on August 15. This deal only applies to individual customers.

How to use an Apple gift card

You can use any Apple gift card for everything Apple. Once you have redeemed your gift card, you can start using your Apple ID balance to cover purchases of apps, subscriptions, media and iCloud storage upgrades. On top of that, your Apple ID balance is available when purchasing Apple products and accessories at retail stores via Apple Pat. Read: Helpful tips to set up your Apple TV the right way