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How to fix the ‘Redownload Unavailable’ error in the App Store

Let’s face it; everyone experiences buyer’s remorse from time to time, which results in a change of heart about a purchase. Then there are those occasions when you regret changing your mind about changing your mind. That’s what recently happened to me after I requested an App Store refund for an app that I later realized I actually wanted and needed.

Oddly, I encountered a weird error telling me that since I had previously requested a refund for the app, I could no longer purchase it again. That makes no sense. Why would Apple not want to take my money just because I had requested a prior refund?

The error reads “This redownload is not available for this Apple ID either because it was bought by a different user or the item was refunded or cancelled.”

Whatever the reason for the error, after searching Google, it’s obvious that I’m not the first to encounter this issue. The good news is that fixing the Redownload Unavailable with This Apple ID error is very easy to do…

Windows malware found embedded in App Store app

It looks like Apple’s App Store troubles aren’t over with quite yet. A new report is out this afternoon claiming that Windows malware has been discovered in an Apple-approved iOS app.

Instaquotes Quotes-Cards for Instagram, a third-party title that crawls the popular photo sharing service in search of Image Quotes, is said to contain an old made-for-Windows worm…

Users around the globe reporting App Store outage

If you’ve been experiencing problems with the iOS App Store this evening, you’re not alone. Users from around the world are reporting that they are having issues with downloading applications.

At the moment, we’re having trouble getting the App Store to even load on our devices. And even when we are able to get apps to populate, trying to download them results in the above error…

Apple patches App Store bug that leaked unreleased app updates

Early this morning, we all got a preview of what’s in store for the next Twitter for iPhone update. In fact, we know pretty much everything about version 4.3, despite the fact that it hasn’t been released yet.

The info came from a leaked change log, found in the ‘History’ section of the iOS 6 App Store. Apparently a glitch in the Store was allowing users to view release notes from upcoming app updates…

Apple rectifies App Store updating glitch

Over the last 48 hours, the App Store has been suffering from a glitch that has been causing some newly-updated apps to crash upon opening. The bug has been a nightmare for developers, who have been taking a lot of heat over the issue.

Yesterday, Apple acknowledged the problem, and confirmed that it had a dedicated team working to resolve it. And it didn’t take long, last night the company started sending out official statements that the updating glitch has been repaired…

Apple working to resolve App Store updating bug

As we mentioned earlier today, the App Store was recently struck with a programming glitch, causing a number of Mac and iOS apps to crash upon update.

The issue has been causing a lot of problems for app developers, who have been receiving 1 star reviews and non-stop support requests over the last 24 hours.

This afternoon, Apple officially acknowledged the bug…

iOS 3.1.3 Users Blocked From the App Store

Users of older versions of iOS may be left out in the app-less wilderness according to reports, with the App Store seemingly not impressed with users who have not updated their iPhones or iPod touches past iOS 3.1.3.

Apple has always been a strong proponent of users installing the latest version of an operating system, whether that be the latest and greatest release of OS X on a Mac, or the newest version of iOS available. It’s a great way of squashing potential bugs and security holes while making sure developers have less OS fragmentation to deal with.

Some people don’t want to update, though. Whether it be through a need to have a specific jailbreak work, or their iOS device simply doesn’t have the chops to run the latest iOS release, some just do not want to upgrade. Reports have surfaced that devices running iOS 3.1.3 or earlier are unable to download apps from Apple’s App Store…