A cringey Facebook video tries to sell the idea of privacy-breaching personalized ads

Facebook has launched a new campaign to tell the world that small businesses operating on its social platforms rely heavily on personalized advertising. It includes a video, titled “Good Ideas Deserve To Be Found,” featuring Houston-based fashion brand House of Takura. The company omits the fact that targeted advertising available on its platforms is a result of massive privacy breaches. Facebook is vehemently opposing Apple's upcoming App Tracking Transparency initiative that will require iOS apps to seek user permission to track users.

New 2020 iMac wallpapers for desktop and iPhone

Apple recently updated the iMac 27" with some impressive internals. The update came without an event, leading some to speculate there is a crowded Fall release lineup, despite the global pandemic.

We already know that the new iPhone will be delayed by a few weeks, as Apple announced The news in its Q3 earnings call with analyst, but that does not seem to prevent the updates from coming in.

This new iMac was promoted on Apple’s website with an advertising wallpaper and we have it for your devices.