Watch Apple’s unlisted ad portraying modern PC users as losers suffering from iPad envy

Apple’s ad campaign under the tagline “Your next computer is not a computer” continues with an unlisted YouTube video that would have you believe PC users are suffering from iPad envy.

Watch Apple’s unlisted iPad ad

The advertisement goes through a series of scenes that contrast supposedly sad PC users living their supposedly desperate lives locked in their offices, basements and man caves.

Needless to say, PC users are wrapped up in work and cables in Apple’s video.

At the same time, hip youngsters seem to be having terrific fun outside, sitting in parks and using iPads on their lap with happy smiles on their faces.

From the video’s description:

iPad has everything you need to work, learn, create and play with complete freedom. Big immersive retina displays, available cellular connectivity, and incredible battery life, all in thin and light designs. And with the new iPad Pro supercharged by the Apple M1 chip, there’s an iPad for anyone and anything.

The seventy-second video is set to the song “Part of Your World” from “The Little Mermaid”.

Curiously, the video was posted on June 3, four days ahead of the WWDC21 keynote.

Why this is a great example of a bad Apple ad

This ad is an exaggeration that wil ln odobut insult some owners of non-Apple PCs.

This wouldn’t be the first time Apple has painted PC owners as losers. The famous Mac vs. PC campaign staring actor Justin Long as a hip Mac character and John Hodgman as a boring PC one is certainly memorable. With its light-hearted humor, however, the Mac vs. PC campaing hasn’t come across as offensive to anyone who would choose PC as their primary platform.

The new, unlisted ad crosses that fine line.

For starters, painting PC users as the kinds of people who never go outside and are chained to technology isn’t fair. This is something that Samsung would do. On top of that, the thinly veiled suggestion here is that you need to buy an iPad to become a modern computer user.

Besides, Apple has been promoting the idea that the iPad Pro is something other than a tablet with a keyboard—just don’t call it a computer, for Christ’s sake! In reality, the iPad is a computer just as any Windows PC or tablet is a computer, it just happens to be packaged in a ultra-portable form factor with alternative input methods and an operating system of its own.

We’re not sure that the general public grasps the idea behind Apple’s “Your next computer is not a computer” tagline. And finally, the biggest problem with this video is the fact that it may come as an insult to PC owners, many of whom own iPads.

Perhaps thevery same reasons have prompted saner heads at Apple to delist this ad on YouTube?