Apple Japans shares an awesome Apple Watch ad targeting active people

Apple’s Japan division has shared a new ad for the Apple Watch on its own YouTube channel, employing some cool effects and cuts to appeal to active people.

Apple Japan shares an awesome Apple Watch ad

Highlighted by The Loop‘s Dave Mark, the commercial depicts a young woman who goes about her daily business. She’s, of course, wearing an Apple Watch and her actions are influenced by various wrist notifications reminding her to close her Activity rings, take a call and so forth.

Watch the sixty-second commercial embedded right ahead.

Here’s a machine translation of the video’s description:

Be more active with your Apple Watch. Achieve your sleep goals, record your workouts, and record every move you make during the day to complete your activity ring. From the top of your wrist, it will lead you to a healthier life.

This is another great ad from Apple, and we’re especially liking the polished visuals, subtle special effects, dynamic cuts and clear messaging.

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Remember when the original Apple Watch was being pitched as an incredibly accurate timepiece first, with health and fitness tracking afterthoughts?

Good times…