I just rewatched the Windows 7 launch party video, my favorite worst Microsoft ad ever

We surely hope that Microsoft’s attempt at a campy viral campaign for when Windows 11 launches won’t be a promotional blunder as this cringe-worthy Windows 7 launch party video.


  • Microsoft said Windows 11 is coming later in 2021
  • The OS is sure to be backed with a major ad campaign
  • For Windows 7, Microsoft created house-party campaigns

A still from Microsoft's cringeworthy house party video promoting Windows 7 launch in 2013

The Windows 7 house party video never gets old

Back in September 2013, Microsoft released this house-party video to promote the major Windows 7 update following a fiasco that was Vista. Windows 7 arrived the following month and Microsoft hired a marketing firm aptly named House Party to put together a video depicting what a Windows 7 “house party” might look like.

Actually, this take on Microsoft’s video from Funny or Die is even better.

Which one’s your favorite?

Windows house parties

The cringeworthy video is supposed to sell the viewer the idea of an everyday family hosting a Windows 7 launch party at their home. We’re not sure why Microsoft thought that sharing the new Windows features with friends should look like organizing a house meeting to sell Tupperware products. For variations and localized versions of the above video, check out the company’s dedicated LaunchPartues channel on YouTube.

Let’s hope Microsoft won’t hire House Party to handle a launch campaign for Windows 11.

Windows 11 is coming

The official Windows 11 preview from Microsoft is now available to download and test for Windows Insider members. Thankfully, Microsoft has eased some of the system requirements for the Windows 11 preview, according to this support document.

A blog post on the Microsoft website notes that doing so will enable the company to learn how Windows 11 performs across CPU models more comprehensively, “informing any adjustments we should make to our minimum system requirements in the future”.