Adoption Rate

iOS 10 adoption reaches 89% ahead of iOS 11 launch

Ahead of the imminent launch of iOS 11, iOS 10 adoption rate has reached 89% of active devices, as measured by the App Store in September 2017. This represents a two percentage point increase since the last measurement in August 2017, where iOS 10 was powering 87% of devices.

iOS 10 now powers 79% of active devices, Android Nougat’s adoption barely 1%

iOS 10 now powers nearly eight out of ten active devices—less than six months since officially releasing to the public in September of last year, as measured by App Store on February 20, 2017.

To be precise—iOS 10 now powers 79 percent of active iPhone, iPad and iPod touch device out there, representing a three-point increase over iOS 10's adoption rate of 76 percent recorded 48 days ago on January 5, 2017.

Contrast the rapid pace of iOS adoption to Google, whose latest and greatest version of Android is currently found on less than one percent of active devices. Over and over again, Google's lack of control over hardware and other factors are hurting its ability to deploy the latest Android features to its customers.

iOS 10 adoption rate now at 76%

Apple on Thursday updated its Developer App Store Support page to show that the iOS 10 adoption rate is now at 76%. This means that 76% of all active devices are now running iOS 10.0 or higher, a nice jump since late November when the adoption rate was at 63%.

Also worth noting is that 18% of current active devices are running iOS 9, and just 6% of devices are on iOS 8 or lower. That's a drop for both numbers since the last report, which showed 29% of devices running on iOS 9 and some 8% running on an earlier version of iOS.

iOS 10 adoption rate slowly climbs to 63%

According to Apple's own measurements, iOS 10 adoption rate has climbed to 63% of active devices, as measured by the App Store on November 27, 2016, up from 60% of devices as reported by Tim Cook on stage at the "Hello Again" Mac event on October 27.

Apple pegs iOS 10 adoption rate at 54 percent

I've long been saying that we shouldn't trust any iOS adoption rate “research” based on the assumption that users have on their phone specific apps which incorporate third-party tracking software. Yesterday, for instance, Fiksu and Mixpanel each estimated that iOS 10 was powering two-thirds of active devices, or about 66 percent.

Well, Apple this morning posted iOS 10 adoption rates on the official App Store dashboard for developers which reveal that iOS 10 is currently installed on 54 percent of active iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

Less than a month after launch, iOS 10 powers two-thirds of active devices

According to latest stats from marketing firm Fiksu, based on data obtained from “millions of iPhones and iPads” running Fiksu client apps, iOS 10 is now powering two-thirds (66.7 percent) of active iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices in the wild.

iOS 10 released 26 days ago on September 13,2016. Fiksu data suggests faster adoption for the latest mobile operating system from Apple than any previous iOS update.

iOS 9 adoption increases to 88 percent of devices ahead of iPhone 7 and iOS 10 release

Eighty-eight percent of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices are currently using iOS 9, a one-point increase over the iOS 9 adoption rate of 87 percent which was recorded about three weeks ago.

During the same timeframe, iOS 8 has gone from ten percent of devices in August 15 to nine percent of devices. 'Earlier' versions continue to power three percent of older devices out there, as per newest stats on the App Store dashboard for developers.

With few weeks until iOS 10’s fall release, iOS 9 adoption hits 87 percent of devices

Various editions of iOS 9 are currently installed on 87 percent of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices, a one-point gain versus a month ago. During the same period, iOS 8 has dropped from eleven to ten percent of devices, suggesting much of iOS 9's growth could be owed to upgrades. Earlier editions of iOS continue to comprise about three percent of devices.

The stats were derived from Apple's logs capturing devices that accessed the App Store on August 15, 2016, and are publicized on the App Store dashboard.

iOS 9 adoption is stalling amid slowing iPhone sales

Last time we checked, iOS adoption rates stood at 84 percent of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices that were detected as running iOS 9. Moreover, eleven percent of hardware was on iOS 8 and the remaining five percent of devices used iOS 7 or older editions of Apple's mobile operating system.

These stats were valid as of a little more than two weeks ago. The new numbers Apple just posted to its App Store dashboard for developers, however, paint a not-so-rosy picture for iOS 9 adoption.

According to App Store device logs, the latest set of figures has not changed the slightest bit, or has not changed enough to move the needle versus two weeks ago.