How to save .shsh2 blobs on A12+ devices

With the introduction of the A12 chip, Apple strengthened the security around generating nonces, saving blobs, and restoring in general. The basic process remains the same, but due to a feature called nonce-entanglement (yes, really), there are a few extra hoops we need to jump through to save valid blobs. This tutorial will show you how to do so.

A14 Bionic already pwned by talented hacker iBSparkes

Last September, talented hacker and security researcher iBSparkes made headlines after becoming one of the first to crack the A13-equipped iPhone 11 Pro lineup with a working tfp0 exploit.

Just this afternoon, however, the jailbreak community was touched with an ounce of déjà vu after iBSparkes Tweeted a teaser of what appeared to be successful pwnage of Apple’s shiny new A14-equipped iPhone 12 lineup.