The next Apple TV will reportedly use the iPhone 12’s A14 chip and boost the RAM

Apple hasn’t forgotten about its streaming box after all, with the next Apple TV model featuring a variant of the iPhone 2’s A14 chip allegedly in the works.

An angled top-down view of a second-generation Apple TV 4K along with an updated Siri Remote, set against a dark background
Extra RAM will be helpful for Apple TV gaming | Image: Omar Rodriguez / Unsplash
  • The next Apple TV featuring Apple’s A14 chip is reportedly in development.
  • The device should feature extra RAM for tvOS 16’s new gaming features.
  • It’s unclear if the next Apple TV is coming in 2022 or 2023.

An Apple TV with an A15 chip and extra RAM is in the works

If you’re a fan of the Apple TV, this year’s WWDC must have disappointed you because there was no new Apple TV hardware announced to get excited about.

Worse yet, the device’s tvOS operating system received very little attention at the five-day conference. This just shows, critics complain, that the Apple TV is an afterthought for the company. But just because the Apple TV doesn’t enjoy the same level of attention as the iPhone or Apple Watch doesn’t mean Apple has forgotten about it, argues Mark Gurman in his Power On newsletter on Bloomberg.

Here are his predictions for the next Apple TV:

  • Code-name: J255
  • Development status: In development
  • Chip: Apple A14
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Release date: Unknown

More RAM for better gaming

Announced in 2018, the A12 first appeared in the iPhone XS and also powers the Apple TV as part of the 2021 refresh. The chip uses two high-performance and four high-efficiency cores. On top of a faster chip, the next Apple TV should also come equipped with an additional gigabyte of RAM which Gurman speculates “could be useful for additional gaming capabilities rolling out in tvOS 16.”

The current Apple TV 4K is offered with either 32GB or 64GB of internal flash memory storage, but Gurman isn’t saying if the next model might also boost storage. More storage would be useful for anyone who primarily uses their Apple TV as a casual gaming device. Read: How to create user profiles on Apple TV

New gaming features in tvOS 16

tvOS 16 brings expanded support for wireless game controllers. For starters, the operating system works with additional game controllers, including Nintendo’s Joy-Con and Switch Pro. Many additional Bluetooth and USB game controllers are supported in tvOS 16, including the 8Bitdo, Bada Moga XP5-X Plus and Logitech F710 Gamepad (tvOS 15 and earlier only support Xbox and PlayStation controllers).

Other new tvOS 16 features

On top of those gaming-specific features, tvOS 16 brings other noteworthy under-the-hood tweaks such as support for Matter, which is a new interoperable standard for smart home appliances. Third-party apps now work more seamlessly with multiple user profiles on tvOS 16. And last but not least, apps like Fitness+ integrate better with their iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch counterparts.

When will tvOS 16 launch?

Apple announced tvOS 16 alongside iOS 16 and other updates at its June 6 WWDC keynote. Prerelease software is currently available to Apple’s registered developers, with a public beta scheduled to arrive sometime in July. If you’d like to try out the new tvOS 16 features ahead of launch, you’ll be able to download and install the tvOS 16 public beta on your Apple TV via tvOS 16 will be released to all users in the fall. Read: How to synchronize your Apple TV home screens