Get iOS 17’s new ringtones on your MacDirtyCow or kfd exploit-vulnerable device with Dawnbreaker

If you weren’t already aware, iOS & iPadOS 17 bring new ringtones to the iPhone and iPad for the first time in several years, and while you can always add third-party ringtones to your device regardless of what iOS or iPadOS version you’re running, you might still want those new ringtones even if you’re using an older version of iOS or iPadOS.

A sound logo on an iPhone.

Enter Dawnbreaker, a new add-on by iOS developer HackZy for devices susceptible to the MacDirtyCow and kfdexploits for iOS & iPadOS 15.0-16.1.2 and 16.0-16.6 beta 1 respectively.

Dawnbreaker ports some of iOS & iPadOS 17’s new ringtones to older devices without requiring a jailbreak to do so. Citing the package’s description, it makes it so that selecting certain ringtones in your iPhone or iPad’s Settings app results in hearing a different iOS or iPadOS-based ringtone instead:

  • Opening ringtone now sounds like Steps
  • Apex ringtone now sounds like Valley
  • Silk ringtone now sounds like Daybreak
  • Uplift ringtone now sounds like Tease
  • Circuit ringtone now sounds like Kettle
  • Playtime ringtone now sounds like Milky Way
  • Constellation ringtone now sounds like Departure
  • Summit ringtone now sounds like Breaking

It’s worth noting that Dawnbreaker doesn’t change the names of those ringtones in the Settings app post-installation, so they’ll continue to read the old names. On the other hand, the sounds are replaced with the newer ringtones in the organization scheme shown in the bulleted list above.

Since you might not want to update to iOS or iPadOS 17 to keep your exploitable firmware on hand, Dawnbreaker is a great way to enjoy all of the latest ringtones while keeping your firmware on the version it’s currently at.

You can currently acquire Dawnbreaker from the Misaka package manager app on any MacDirtyCow or kfd exploit-vulnerable device.

Anyone who isn’t already taking advantage of Misaka can follow one of the tutorials below to install it:

Are you going to be taking advantage of the new Dawnbreaker add-on? Let us know why or why not in the comments section down below.