Managing iPhone wallpapers should be easier with iOS 17’s wallpaper grid view

The rumored new grid view for iPhone wallpapers in iOS 17 will let you select one or more thumbnails to quickly delete or share multiple wallpapers at once.

iPhone mockups showcasing the rumored wallpaper grid view in iOS 17
iOS 17’s wallpaper grid view might look like this | Image: @analyst941/Twitter
  • Apple could bring a new grid view in iOS 17 for wallpaper selection.
  • The new grid feature displays multiple wallpaper thumbnails.
  • You can delete and rearrange multiple wallpapers, and so on.

iOS 17’s rumored grid view for wallpapers

According to an anonymous tipster behind the @analyst941 Twitter account, iOS 17 includes a new feature that should simplify wallpaper management: Grid view.

This will let you quickly select multiple wallpapers in a vertically scrolling list of thumbnails. In the current iOS 16 software, you can delete one wallpaper at a time.

The feature will be available when customizing wallpapers via the Settings > Wallpaper section, and might replace the current Lock Screen wallpaper picker.

You will swipe left and right to select the desired thumbnail, then swipe up to reveal the Share, Add New and Delete buttons. Sharing custom Lock Screen designs is also said to be one of the new features in iOS 17, and you’ll be able to share your custom Lock Screen designs with friends and family right from the grid.

Hitting the Customize button will display a grid of thumbnails. Looks like you’ll be able to select multiple wallpapers to delete or share from here, delete individual wallpapers by hitting the – (minus) button in the top-left corner, rearrange the order in which they’re listed and more.

Another quality-of-life improvement

Based on the received information, the tipster created mockups seen at the top of the post. Such a feature would be tremendously convenient for those who personalize their devices with custom wallpapers, Lock Screen designs, etc.

The interface looks similar to the current one for Home Screen editing that appears upon holding the Spotlight search icon near the bottom of the Home Screen.

The Lock Screen in iOS 17 might gain font size options and the ability to display Apple Music lyrics. Another rumor claims that iPadOS 17 will bring much of the iPhone’s Lock Screen features to the iPad.

Apple’s Greg Joswiak has blocked @analyst941

@analyst941 has been throwing lots of iOS 17 rumors out there, and many people have been wondering whether any of them can be trusted.

To be clear, @analyst941 correctly predicted the Dynamic Island feature, but the account doesn’t have an established track record.

Curiously, Apple’s marketing boss Greg Joswiak blocked @analyst941 soon after they posted mockups about iOS 17’s grid view for wallpapers.