iOS 17’s Lock Screen changes may include font size options, song lyrics and more

New features in Apple’s iOS 17 update should let you adjust font size on the Lock Screen, share custom Lock Screens designs with other iPhone users and more.

Apple's marketing image showcasing the new Lock Screen Builder feature in iOS 16 on iPhone
You’ll be able to change the font size on Lock Screen | Image: Apple
  • iOS 17 may let you share your custom Lock Screen designs with other users.
  • Plus, the update should let you choose between new font size options.
  • iOS 17 may also display Apple Music lyrics on the Lock Screen.

New iOS 17 features may include Lock Screen changes

Various tipsters have recently shared supposed new features in iOS 17, including support for the sideloading of apps, interactive widgets with buttons, sliders and toggles, a new journaling app from Apple, additional Always-On display settings and Focus filters, a revamped Control Center and more.

And now, MacRumors passes along a Weibo post that has shared additional tidbits about the upcoming new features in iOS 17, including these perks:

  • Lock Screen
    • Font size options and additional customizations for emoji wallpapers.
    • Sharing custom Lock Screen designs with other iPhone users.
    • Apple Music lyrics can be displayed on the Lock Screen.
  • Home Screen
    • You can rename folders in the App Library, use custom categories and take advantage of other new features to better organize your App Library.
  • Tidbits
    • Apple Music has a more straightforward interface that cuts down on the amount of text while using more visuals and images.
    • Control Center design tweaks.
    • Flashlight intensity can be smoothly adjusted, like the volume slider.

MacRumors says the same account correctly predicted the yellow iPhone 14.

While the source of this rumor accurately leaked the iPhone 14 would launch in Yellow a few months in advance, they do not have a long-term track record with Apple rumors, so there is no guarantee that this information will prove to be correct.

For the most part, iOS 17 is expected to be a maintenance update.

iOS 17 unlikely to include significant new features

iPhone screenshot showcasing expanding the Now Playing control to a fullscreen view on the lock screen thanks to the Live Activities feature
iOS 17 should bring Apple Music lyrics to the Lock Screen | Credit: Christian Zibreg/iDB

This year, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is understood to focus on improving the stability and reliability of its operating systems.

But that doesn’t mean there will be no new iPhone features in iOS 17. Thus year, Apple could implement many improvements that folks have been asking for for years. Most of the changes in iOS 17 seem focused on quality-of-life improvements to make interacting with your iPhone even more pleasurable.

Aside from those tidbits, don’t expect any major tentpole new features in iOS 17, like the completely revamped Lock Screen in the previous iOS 16 update.