Supposed iOS 17 features leak: Interactive widgets, Siri in the Dynamic Island, Camera app changes, more Focus filers, etc.

iOS 17’s primary focus should be boosting speed and reliability, with minor but useful new features such as interactive widgets, Siri in the Dynamic Island, etc.

Aerial view of the main entrance to the Apple Park headquarters
iOS 17 will soon be previewed publicly | Image: Carles Rabada / Unsplash
  • What’s happening? An anonymous tipster has unloaded a barrage of alleged iOS 17 details, a mostly maintenance update focused on speed and stability.
  • Why care? Details were leaked by the same tipster who accurately predicted the Dynamic Island features ahead of the iPhone 14 Pro launch.
  • What to do? Read the tweetstorm on the @analyst941 Twitter account.

iOS 17 could bring these new features to your iPhone

Young man holding an iPhone 12 Pro Max in front of his work desk. In the background, there's a monitor using the Big Sur wallpaper and Apple's space gray keyboard and trackpad
iOS 17 shouldn’t be boring after all | Image: Jonas Leupe/Unsplash

Before we get to the gist, we should point out that @analyst941 doesn’t have an established track record, even though the account accurately predicted details about the iPhone 14’s Dynamic Island feature. With that said, here are the supposed new iOS 17 features the source mentions in their Twitter thread:

Performance and stability

The source claims that iOS 17 will focus on performance, efficiency, stability and long-term support for older devices.

System requirements

Despite a recent report claiming iOS 17 may drop support for the iPhone X and other devices powered by the Apple A10 chip, the source claims that the operating system will support all the same models as iOS 16, including all A11-powered phones like the iPhone X and iPhone 8. iPadOS 17 might lose support for A9 and A10-powered iPads, which will be decided in a few weeks.

As mentioned earlier, iOS 17 won’t have any tentpole new features as the main focus will be bug fixes, reliability and performance improvements.

Interactive widgets

Widgets in iOS show you snippets of information, but they’re not interactive. For example, you can’t mark a message as read in the Gmail widget. iOS 17 should bring interactive widgets with “one-tap buttons, sliders and more.”

Control Center

As previously reported, iOS 17 should redesign the Control Center. The source expects major changes for the Control Center interface, customization, etc.

Dynamic Island

The source says that the iPhone’s Dynamic Island will become more useful. Apple’s marketing department has apparently “pressured” the development team to add more features to the Dynamic Island, including moving Siri’s interface into this area (on supported devices). It seems the final decision’s yet to be made as “Apple may or may not go with the Dynamic Island version of Siri.” The source also adds that “many more notifications” will integrate with the Dynamic Island.

Camera app

iOS 17 could introduce changes in the Camera app. The source doesn’t reveal the changes, which were apparently planned for the iPhone 14 Pro’s release, but warns that they could be specific to the iPhone 15 models (probably to account for new camera features like deep optical zoom).

Always-On display

Apple will apparently implement additional settings and toggles for the Always-On display feature, but the source wouldn’t expand on this claim with details.

Focus filters

New filters for Focus modes in the Settings app.


Unspecified notification changes and “additional options in Settings.”

Custom Accessibility Mode

This will apparently enable complete control over the iOS user interface layout, making it ideal for older persons and younger children. 9to5Mac previously unearthed Custom Accessibility Mode screens from the iOS code.


iOS 17 will expand support for digital car keys via the Wallet app.


The Health app will undergo some visual changes, the source claims, with a special focus on the app’s Favorites section.


The Spotlight search feature in iOS 17 will be “heavily improved.”

Augmented reality

Apple’s ARKit framework for building augmented reality apps will be “an absolute behemoth” in iOS 17. Of course, Apple is heavily rumored to preview its first AR/VR headset at WWDC, and the ARKit framework could be the main sauce. “Don’t take that lightly,” the source adds, “a metric ton of” changes in ARKit is expected.


The source also shared these iOS 17 tidbits, including features not to expect:

  • Lock Screen: Some new Lock Screen controls should be added to the Settings app (this could be as simple as consolidating all the controls under a new Lock Screen section in Settings (similar to macOS Ventura’s System Settings app).
  • Home Screen: iOS 17 will not allow you to place Home Screen icons wherever you like, like on Android. These will still snap to a predetermined grid.
  • Sound management: The source has yet to hear anything about independent control of the ringer, notification and system sounds in the revamped Control Center.
  • Keyboard: There will be no number row for the onscreen keyboard.

iOS 17 preview is coming at WWDC23

Apple will preview iOS 17, iPadOS 17, tvOS 17, watchOS 10 and macOS 14 at its annual conference for developers, WWDC, which takes place June 5-9.

The WWDC keynote in the morning and the State of the Union talk in the afternoon on June 5 will give fans and developers a good overview of the most significant new features and under-the-hood changes coming to Apple’s software platforms.

The company will restart the beta cycle by releasing the first developer previous of iOS 17 and other updates the same day. People who aren’t Apple’s registered developers will need to wait two weeks or so for public betas to arrive.

According to the source, the first few beta cycles could be “rough” for devices with 3 gigabytes of RAM, like the iPhone X and standard iPad models. This will improve as subsequent betas become more stable and efficient.