Apple’s Health app might finally come to the iPad

Apple’s Health app should leap onto the iPad, plus gain eye and mood tracking. Apple is also rumored to launch a virtual health coaching service in the future.

Blueprint-style illustration depicting the Apple Health app icon
Apple is expanding health initiatives | Image: Apple
  • The iPhone’s Health app might be hitting the iPad with iPadOS 17.
  • iOS 17’s Health app should also gain mood and eye tracking.
  • In the works: An AI-powered health coach service.

Apple’s Health app might be coming to the iPad

According to sources who spoke with Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman, the Cupertino company will create an iPad edition of its Health app that will be bundled with the iPadOS 17 update. Both healthcare professionals who use iPads in their work and regular users will finally be able to look at health data on the iPad’s bigger canvas.

From the report:

The change, which will allow users to see electrocardiogram results and other health data in a larger format, is planned to be included as part of iPadOS 17 later this year.

The Health app in iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 will also be able to track vision problems like nearsightedness and log your daily moods. At first, the user will need to answer daily questions so the Health app can determine their mood.

In the future, hoverer, this process might be fully automated—Gurman writes that Apple’s teams assigned to the Health app could leverage AI to determine the user’s emotions from their voice, the words they type and other signals.

An AI-powered health coach service

A virtual health coaching service, codenamed Quartz, might be on the way, too.

Taking advantage of artificial intelligence (AI), the service reportedly promises to create personalized coaching programs on an Apple Watch. Based on your habits, the service might recommend workout programs to exercise and move more and advice on improving your sleep and eating habits.

The service will carry a monthly fee and have its own app. It should drop in 2024, but it’s unclear whether it’ll be part of an iOS 17.x update or included in iOS 18.

A new journaling app

Apple is also rumored to bring out a new journaling app for the iPhone, iPad and Mac as part of its wellbeing efforts in iOS 17, iPadOS 17 and macOS 14.

Gurman has more on that:

That app isn’t meant to be a health feature, and Apple is unlikely to position it as such. Instead, it’s meant as an extension of the company’s Find My service and other location features. It stems from a desire to add more social networking elements to those functions. Users could use the app to, say, write a journal entry about their walk to work.

Apple’s wellbeing initiative apparently extends to the rumored AR/V headset. Gurman previously said an Apple headset would support the Fitness+ service and include meditation software with calming graphics, sounds and voice-overs.

Other health-related initiatives from Apple

The long-rumored Apple headset may also receive health-related features, such as helping people to meditate and use a version of the Fitness+ workout program.

As for the Apple Watch, Apple’s been working on blood pressure monitoring and a noninvasive glucose monitoring sensor, but they’re several years from completion.

Blood pressure monitoring should notify the user if the data points to possible hypertension. Apple’s noninvasive blood sugar sensor has been in development for more than a decade and could become the Holy Grail in diabetes management.

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