How to add a daily step counter to your iPhone Lock Screen

Do you want to see how many steps you have walked today right on your Lock Screen? This tutorial shows you easy and free ways to add a daily step counter to your iPhone Lock Screen.

Daily steps count showing on iPhone Lock Screen

Walking is a great way to stay fit or lose weight. If you have set a daily goal for the number of steps you should walk, you might want the number of steps already covered to be visible right on the Lock Screen. This way, you can see it every time you wake your phone and be reminded as well as motivated to hit your goal.

Even if you don’t have an Apple Watch, your iPhone already tracks your steps. This data is automatically saved to the Apple Health app. Now, the iOS Health app does support Lock Screen widgets, but it’s limited to medications only. There is no widget for steps, walking distance, or any other metric. Therefore, you will have to use a third-party app to put the pedometer right on your iPhone Lock Screen.

See the number of daily steps you have walked on your iPhone Lock Screen

1) Download the free Pedometer++ app from the iOS App Store and open it.

2) Tap Continue > OK to allow the app to access your motion and fitness activity.

3) You can configure the app and then hit Get Started. After this, you will see the number of steps you have walked today. Pedometer++ got this data from your iPhone’s Health app. Follow the remaining steps below to put it on the Lock Screen.

Setting up Pedometer app on iPhone

4) Lock your iPhone and then tap once on the screen to wake it.

5) Touch and hold the unlocked Lock Screen and tap Customize > Lock Screen.

Customize iPhone Lock Screen by adding widgets to it

6) Tap Add Widgets that’s just below the time indicator.

7) Scroll down and tap Pedometer.

8) Tap one of the Step Count widgets to add it to your Lock Screen.

9) Tap X twice and then hit Done. Finally, tap the Lock Screen to return to it.

Add Pedometer steps count widget to iPhone Lock Screen

You have successfully added your daily step counter to the iPhone Lock Screen.

Daily steps and distance showing on the iPhone Lock Screen

Alternatives to the Pedometer app

I tested many free apps that do this job. Out of them, here are a few that are excellent, and you can use the free version of any of these apps to see your daily step count and other details on the iPhone Lock Screen.

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