The AI image editor Photomator is leaping onto the Mac in early May

The AI-powered image editor Photomator is coming to the Mac in early May. The Pixelmator team has even shared a public roadmap detailing future new features.

Making color adjustments in Photomator for Mac
Color adjustments in Photomator for Mac | Image: Pixelmator
  • What’s happening? The Pixelmator team is working on a Mac version of its Photomator image editor, formerly Pixelmator Photo, and it’s coming next month!
  • Why care? Photomator will soon support the iPhone, iPad and Mac.
  • What to do? Check out the new features in the mobile version of Photomator.

Photomator will leap onto the Mac in early May

On April 12, 2023, the Pixelmator team announced that the Mac version of Photomator would debut in early May. “We’ve already started private beta testing and photographers seem to love using Photomator on Mac.” a spokesperson said.

Watch this space as we’re tracking this app, and will let you know as soon as it launches. Some members of the iDownloadBlog team use the Pixelmator and Pixelmator Pro apps as more than viable alternatives to Photoshop on their Macs.

Now, Photomator has always been sort of a lite version of the advanced Pixelmator and Pixelmator Pro image editors. The app is aimed at people who want to quickly touch up photos for stellar results, without being overwhelmed with options.

What’s the target audience for Photomator?

The brush selection feature in Photomator for iPhone and iPad
Brush selections in Photomator | Image: Pixelmator

But that doesn’t mean that Photomator is a simple photo manager. Quite the contrary, the software packs in advanced features typically found in pro image editors for a fraction of the price.

In its latest update, Photomator for iOS and iPadOS brought AI-powered selective adjustments and masking, allowing people to edit specific parts of an image while leaving the rest untouched. And thanks to machine learning, you can touch a subject, background or sky to select it in an instant with a single tap.

The Photomator roadmap

With these and other new features added to the mobile version of Photomator, the team has decided to share a public roadmap with users. “We understand that our users may be curious about what’s next for Photomator,” a spokesperson told me.

The roadmap reveals what’s next for Photomator after the Mac app:

  • AI editing features:
    • Image sorting and rating
    • Color banding removal
    • Major Repair tool improvements
  • Clone tool
  • Pro workflows:
    • Dehaze adjustment
    • Depth and luminance masks
    • Selective face editing
  • New batch-editing features:
    • Support for the Shortcuts app
    • Watermarks
    • Photo metadata removal
    • Face blurring
    • Other privacy features
  • Video editing support
  • Seamless compatibility:
    • Cross-platform integration
    • Full integration between Photomator and Pixelmator Pro

Visit the Pixelmator website for details.

This is the right move to make

Automatic subject selection in Photomator for iPhone and iPad
AI subject selection in Photomator’s iPhone and iPad version | Image: Pixelmator

When you invest in a comprehensive image-editing pipeline that spans devices, you want to be sure that your chosen software will be around for the foreseeable future to support your productivity in the best way possible.

What you don’t want is to spend $100+ on image editors only to realize you’re unsure about their future. Will there be any new features this year? What about feature parity? Is a particular feature you need on the horizon yet?

By sharing a public roadmap with Photomator users, the Pixelmator team has once again proven that they take their customers’ time and resources very seriously.

How to download Photomator

Photomator for the iPhone and iPad is available to download for free, but a subscription is required to unlock the full-featured version of the app. There are three subscription types—monthly ($5.49), yearly ($30) and lifetime ($99)—available to sign up within the app using Apple’s In-App Purchase mechanism.

A 7-day trial is available so you can check out everything this excellent app offers without spending anything (to avoid being charged the full subscription fee, cancel your trial at least 24 hours before it ends).

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