How to convert WebP images to JPG or PNG and vice versa on Mac

Google developed the WebP image format as an alternative to JPEG and PNG for websites. PageSpeed Insights by Google defines it as the “next-gen format” and encourages websites to use WebP (and AVIF) images as they are faster to load due to their reduced file size as compared to other popular formats.

As a result, many popular sites use WebP. So, when you download an image, you may find that it has .webp file extension at the end of the file name.

If you have difficulty working with WebP images in certain applications, we’ll show you the easiest ways to convert them to JPG, PNG, HEIC, or other formats on your Mac.

Converting WebP images to JPG and PNG on Mac

Convert WebP to JPG, PNG, HEIC, etc.

1. Use the Preview app

  1. Double-click a downloaded WebP image, and it should open in Mac’s Preview. If it doesn’t, right-click over the image and choose Open With > Preview.
  2. Click File from the top menu bar and pick Export.
  3. Click the Format dropdown menu and choose from HEIC, JPEG, JPEG-2000, OpenEXR, PDF, PNG, or TIFF.
  4. Set the Quality slider to a point between Least and Best.
  5. Finally, make sure the export location folder is as desired, and hit the Save button.
Use Mac Preview to convert WebP images

Preview will convert the WebP image into JPG, PNG, or the chosen format and save it. You can now use it pretty much everywhere, as almost all apps, websites, and services support JPG or PNG.

2. Use Quick Actions

Follow these steps to convert a WebP image into JPEG or PNG on a Mac running a recent version of macOS such as macOS Monterey or macOS Ventura:

  1. Right-click or Control-click over a WebP image.
  2. Pick Quick Actions > Convert Image.
  3. Choose the format: JPEG, PNG, or HEIF.
  4. Pick an image size: Small, Medium, Large, or Actual Size.
  5. Next, you can keep or strip away the image metadata using the Preserve Metadata checkbox.
  6. Finally, click Convert to JPEG (or PNG/HEIF).
Convert WebP to JPG or PNG using Finder Quick Actions

Finder will convert the WebP image to JPG, PNG, or HEIF as chosen and save it to the same folder where the WebP image is.

3. Use the Photos app

If you have added WebP images to your Mac’s Photos app, here’s how to convert them to a different format:

  1. Select the WebP image and click File > Export > Export n Photo.
  2. Under Photo Kind, pick JPEG, PNG, or TIFF.
  3. Next, set the image quality as Low (smallest size), Medium, High, or Maximum.
  4. Click the tiny arrow next to Photo Kind to see more options. Now, tweak them as desired. For example, you can use the Size menu to set the final image size as Small, Medium, Large, Full Size, or define a Custom dimension.
  5. With all done, click Export, pick a location, and hit Export once again.
Convert WebP to JPEG, PNG, or HEIF using Photos app on Mac

4. Use online sites

Finally, you can use these free online websites on your Mac, Windows PC, iPhone, iPad, or Android phone to change WebP images to JPG, PNG, or other formats in batch:

  • Visit the website, drop the WebP image and click Convert to JPG.
  • Visit the site and drop the WebP image onto it or use the Select file button. Next, click the Convert to box and pick a format. After that, click the wrench icon to set the quality, size, fit, and strip or keep metadata. With all done, click the Convert button.
  • Choose the WebP file and hit Upload. Set the JPG image quality factor and other options you see here. When done, click Convert to JPG! Once the conversion completes, hit save.

Convert JPG and PNG to WebP

You can also change JPG and PNG images to WebP if you’re looking to put them on your website or blog.

1. WordPress plugins

The easiest approach is to use plugins that convert JPG, PNG, and other image formats to WebP. Here are a few of them for WordPress:

2. Online websites

Do you want to convert PNG or JPG to WebP without WordPress plugins? In that case, you can use these free websites:

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