How to convert video to audio on iPhone and Mac

Apps to convert image formats on iPhone

There could be several reasons why one may want to convert a video to an audio file. A long speech, a video lecture, a music video, are some examples of things people usually want to convert to audio only. Converting a video to audio will also mean that you save a lot of space on your iPhone or Mac.

How to convert a PDF to a Kindle book

Reading Language Kindle Paperwhite

Not all books are available in the Amazon Kindle store. You can find many classics in PDF form that are available through public domain. So if you find a book on a site, you can read it in PDF form. But that’s not always convenient, especially if you own a Kindle Paperwhite.

Here, we’ll show you how to convert a PDF into a book and read it on your Kindle.

The best Apple Watch travel apps for an easier trip

Best Apple Watch Travel Apps - iTranslate Converse

There’s no easier way to keep up with your travel arrangements than right from your wrist. With Apple Watch travel apps, you can check your flight, view your accommodations, look for restaurants, translate a language, and convert currency.

If you’re getting ready for your next trip, make sure to check out our list of the best Apple Watch travel apps to make your journey a bit easier.

How to convert a Numbers file to Excel on Mac and iOS

Export Numbers to Excel on Mac

While you may work and create your spreadsheets in Numbers, there may be a time when you need one of those documents in the Microsoft Excel file format.

You can easily export spreadsheets into different formats for viewing and editing with other applications. Here’s how to convert a Numbers file to Excel on both Mac and iOS.

How to convert a PDF to an image file on iPhone and iPad

Convert PDF to PNG on iPhone

Converting document and file types seems to be a regular occurrence nowadays. A Pages document needs to be converted to Word, a Keynote document needs to be converted to PowerPoint, and an HEIF file need to be converted to a JPEG. The list is really endless these days.

To help you get one step closer to converting the type of document you need, this tutorial shows you how to convert a PDF to an image file on iPhone and iPad with a free app called PDF Converter: Docs To PDF.

The best apps to convert image formats for iPhone and iPad

Apps to convert image formats on iPhone

What do you do when you have a great image saved as a PNG on your iPhone or iPad and someone needs it in a JPG format, or vice versa? Well, you have to convert it, of course. But this isn’t always as easy as it seems.

If you’re in the market for a mobile app that doesn’t cost a fortune, gives you the file types you need, and is easy to use, then you came to the right place. Here are the best apps to convert image formats on iPhone and iPad.

How to convert a Keynote document to a PowerPoint document

All Mac and iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad come  with a suite of office applications pre-installed. This includes Keynote, a presentation software app very similar to PowerPoint, its Microsoft counterpart.

Keynote presentations can easily be viewed on any Apple hardware, but as an application exclusive to Apple platforms, there can be compatibility issues when wanting to share a Keynote document with a Windows user. To avoid these compatibility issues between Mac and Windows, one can save Keynote documents created on Mac as PowerPoint documents that will easily be viewable on Windows.

How to save a Pages document as a Word document

Although you can have Microsoft Word on a Mac, most Mac users stick to Pages, the Apple equivalent of the renowned text editing software that now comes for free with any new Mac or iOS device. For most people, Pages is just good enough, but issues can arise when a file needs to be saved or converted to a Word document format.