How to view iPhone photos metadata

iPhone photos metadata

Every time you take a photo, whether it is with your iPhone or an actual camera, a bunch of data is automatically added to the file of that photo. This metadata, as it is called in photography, is the data about your photos.

There are several types of metadata that can list various points of information about your photos. If some of this metadata can be input by the photographer himself, other metadata is written automatically by your iPhone as you shoot a photo. That is for example the case of EXIF, GPS and TIFF metadata, which are automatically attached to the file of a photo you take with your iPhone.

In this post, we will show you how to view the metadata of your iPhone photos, including EXIF and GPS data.

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To access the metadata of your iPhone pictures, you will need an app we developed called Exif Metadata, which is a free download in the App Store. This isn’t the only app in the App Store that lets you see the metadata of your iPhone photos, but we believe it to be the best.

1) Download Exif Metadata from the App Store. Launch the app and allow it to access your photos.

2) Tap on the ” + ” icon in the center of the screen. This will load all your photo albums.

3) Tap on a photo album and select the photo for which you want to see the metadata.

4) After selecting a photo, you will be showed an overview of that photo along with basic information about the image size, format, and more. Scroll down a bit to view a list of metadata available. From there, you can see the photo EXIF, GPS data, and more.

GPS metadata includes: altitude, latitude, longitude, and approximate address. If the GPS data is available, the app will let you directly see it in the Maps app. This is a great way to see exactly where the picture was taken.

View geotags of iPhone photos

EXIF data includes: aperture value, brightness value, focal length, the lens model, shutter speed value, and more.

TIFF metadata includes: the make of the camera, model, image resolution, software used to process the image and more.

View Exif metadata of photos

Now it’s up to you to figure out what you want to do with the metadata of your photos. You can for example use it to find out where a photo that was emailed to you was taken. Or maybe you want to know what camera was used to take that photo. Quite frankly, there is so much information in a photo’s metadata, that you probably won’t know what to do with it all. At least now you know how to access it.

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