WhatsApp is working on the ability to report status updates

Like with messages, reporting status updates that violate the official terms of service helps maintain WhatsApp as a safe place for all users.

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  • What’s happening? WhatsApp is testing a new feature that would let you report unwanted status updates to Meta’s moderation team.
  • Why care? You can already report messages, but this feature would allow you to also report any statuses that may violate the WhatsApp Terms of Service.
  • What to do? If you already have this feature, look for a Report button in the … (ellipsis) menu when viewing a person’s status updates.

WhatsApp is testing reporting status updates

This new feature has surfaced in the WhatsApp Beta for iOS v2.23.4.74 with the TestFlight build number 23.4.0 (449404095) after being spotted in the Android beta v2.23.1.27 in January. Currently, a small percentage of beta testers have access to it.

While the feature is currently in development and not ready for prime time, WABetaInfo was able to test it ahead of a wider release.

WhatsApp is wide to bring the reporting option to statuses.

People are free to share vanishing text, photos and videos in the WhatsApp Status, and not all of them post content that’s safe to view. What’s needed is the reporting option that will give a pause to the impolite types who publish all kinds of problematic content in their statuses.

When will this feature launch for all users?

Ultimately, it could be a few weeks or months before status reporting is released to the general public in a future update to WhatsApp for iOS and Android. Meta first began testing this capability on the WhatsApp Desktop beta in December 2022.

How to report WhatsApp status updates

To report an unwanted status update to the WhatsApp moderation team, choose the reporting option in the contextual menu when viewing someone’s status.

  1. Select the Status tab in the mobile WhatsApp app.
  2. Choose a person’s status underneath the Recent Updates heading.
  3. Touch the … (ellipsis) icon, then choose Report from the menu.

Doing so will send the selected status to WhatsApp for review.

If the contents of the reported status violate the WhatsApp Terms of Service, the team may remove the problematic post from the platform. You can report the statuses of both individual users and businesses. The Meta-owned messaging app is testing other new features like audio transcriptions and call scheduling.

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