TrollStore updated to v1.5.0 with substantial bug fixes and user experience improvements

iOS developer @opa334 released version 1.5.0 of the popular TrollStore app perma-signing software early Sunday morning with a lengthy list of bug fixes and software quality improvements that will benefit every end user.

TrollStore version 1.5.0 released.

Citing the change log posted to the project’s GitHub page, TrollStore version 1.5.0 brings the following changes to the table:

– Add advanced settings tab that contains the ability to switch between installd and custom uninstallation methods
– Separate Idid updates from TrollStore updates; the latest Idid update addresses a bug that TrollStore previously needed a hacky workaround for, and that workaround is now removed
– Idid will now be automatically installed and/or updated upon launching TrollStore if it’s not installed already or if the installed version is too outdated for TrollStore to use it properly
– Fix an issue where uninstalling some apps would fail
– Automatically make the reload icon cache button fix a stock iOS issue where a bloated icon cache could cause app installs and updates to result in severe systemwide lag spikes
– Fix a bug where the group containers of app plugins could be incorrectly registered
– Switch to TrollStore’s own CoreTrust certificate in favor of the previous worthy doing badly certificate

The latest build or TrollStore is recommended for all users — prospective and existing. The major changes in the version 1.5.0 release make TrollStore more stable and resistant to issues that would have affected users on older versions.

If you’re already using TrollStore, then you can take advantage of the app’s internal update mechanism to grab the latest version. Alternatively, you can use one of the following tutorials to install it via the GitHub page today:

TrollStore allows you to permanently sign .ipa files, which has the same effect as sideloading those apps with utilities such as AltStore and Sideloady, except that you won’t have to re-sign them every seven days as you would with sideloading. Once installed with TrollStore, an app remains signed indefinitely until you delete it.

TrollStore only supports iOS & iPadOS versions 14.0-15.4.1 and 15.5 betas 1-4, and 15.6 betas 1-5. It does not work on iOS or iPadOS 15.5 or 15.6 release candidate or public release, and it will never support anything newer.

Have you updated to the latest version of TrollStore yet? Let us know in the comments section down below.