PSA: TrollStore will never support any firmware newer than iOS 17.0

Once upon a time, iOS developer Lars Fröder, or more colloquially known by the jailbreak community as @opa334 on Twitter, released a revolutionary app called TrollStore.

TrollStore logo.

Based on a powerful CoreTrust bug originally discovered by security researcher Linus Henze, and further reinforced by a second CoreTrust bug in more recent updates, TrollStore allows .ipa files to be permanently signed on the host device, effectively letting users install apps outside of the App Store and without the seven-day limitation that comes with signing sideloaded apps by way of AltStore, Sideloadly, and even Xcode.

The original CoreTrust bug worked on iOS & iPadOS 14.0-15.4.1, while the newer CoreTrust bug supports iOS & iPadOS 15.5-17.0.

The CoreTrust bug does not work on iOS & iPadOS 17.0.1 or any newer firmware because Apple patched it.

More recently, we’ve noticed @opa334’s growing frustration with the community as it continuously asks the exhausting question of when iOS & iPadOS 17.0.1 and later will be supported, and given the apparent volume of people asking this question despite how repetitiously we note the compatibility in our posts and how often @opa334 himself states it on X (formerly Twitter), it seemed like an important time to release this public service announcement:

TrollStore does not, and will not ever, support iOS & iPadOS 17.0.1 or any firmware newer than iOS & iPadOS 17.0.1.

Because Apple has effectively patched the CoreTrust bug used to make TrollStore possible, this means its perma-signing capabilities aren’t capable of running on newer firmware. And that will never change because the bug no longer exists in a post-iOS & iPadOS 17.0.1 world.

Think of it like this: the Odyssey Team’s Taurine jailbreak only supports iOS & iPadOS 14.0-14.3. It will never support iOS & iPadOS 14.4 or later because the exploit used the jailbreak uses was patched in iOS & iPadOS 14.4 and later. The same logic applies, even despite the fact that TrollStore isn’t a jailbreak.

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So please don’t nag @opa334 to add newer firmware support to TrollStore. It’s not possible, or it would have been done already. Simply enjoy it as it is on the firmware you’re already using, or if you can’t use it, simply sideload apps with AltStore instead.