TrollStore utility by opa334 lets iOS 14.0-15.4.1 beta users install & perma-sign IPA files

Making good use of bugs discovered in Apple’s iPhone and iPad mobile operating systems, iOS developer opa334 on Friday released a new utility for sideloading and permanently signing any .ipa file(s) that the user wants. They’re calling the aforementioned utility TrollStore.

In essence, this means the user can bypass the App Store entirely to sideload .ipa files and use them indefinitely. What’s more is that you won’t have to maintain those apps like you would if sideloading them via AltStore, Sideloady, or something similar. That’s because a bug in iOS tricks the operating system into trusting the .ipa rather than nagging you to re-sign it with your developer account every seven days.

In a detailed /r/jailbreak post, opa334 points to TrollStore’s official GitHub page and says the project supports iOS versions 14.0-15.4.1 beta. Currently, A9 devices aren’t supported because they don’t play nicely with the multicast_bytecopy exploit.

The TrollStore release appears to be multi-pronged, with the iOS 14.0-14.8.1 version being installable via jailbreak package managers such as Cydia, Sileo, and Zebra, the iOS 15.0-15.1.1 version being installable via a sideloading solution such as AltStore, Sideloady, or something similar, and the iOS 15.2-15.4.1 beta version being installable via the SSH ramdisk method.

Instructions for installing via iOS 14 with a jailbreak, or iOS 15.0-15.1.1 without a jailbreak are provided in the /r/jailbreak post, and we’ve included some snippets for your viewing pleasure below:

For non-jailbroken iOS 15.0-15.1.1 devices

Note: A9-equipped devices are not supported.

1) Download the TrollStore Installer IPA from

2) Install it to your device via your preferred method (AltStore / iOS App Signer / Sideloady / Whatever).

3) Open the app and press the install button.

4) Wait.

5) If your phone reboots here, go back to 3.

6) An alert should pop up when TrollStore installed successfully, click close and the app should exit.

7) If TrollStore is on home screen, start it, if not then reboot and it should appear afterwards, then start it.

8) Go into the settings tab, hit “Install ldid” so TrollStore can install unsigned apps.

9) (Optional) Tap “Install Persistence Helper” and choose a system app you don’t need to use (e.g. Tips) in the list that appears, for more info on the persistence helper read below.

For jailbroken iOS 14.0-14.8.1 devices

1) Download the TrollHelper deb from (TrollHelper will most likely be published on Havoc repository soon).

2) Install it via Filza, Sileo or Zebra.

3) If the TrollHelper icon has appeared on your home screen, launch it, if not, run uicache and then it should appear, afterwards launch it.

4) Tap the “Install TrollStore” button.

5) After a second or so, your device will respring and TrollStore should be on your home screen, launch it.

6) Go into the settings tab, hit “Install ldid” so TrollStore can install unsigned apps.

7) DONE, you don’t need to install the persistence helper into a system app on iOS 14, TrollHelper is your persistence helper, it will persist through icon cache reloads and will work even when not jailbroken.

Using TrollStore

The developer wanted TrollStore to be easy to use, so it goes without saying that it takes little effort for the end user to permanently sideload and sign an .ipa file with the utility. It seems that there are only two major steps in the usage process:

1) Download the desired .ipa file.

2) Open the aforementioned .ipa file with TrollStore on your iPhone or iPad.

Please note that the .ipa file must be locally available on your device, so files in iCloud Drive will not work.

Updates will be released regularly, and the developer says that installing them will be easy via TrollStore’s built-in OTA updating mechanism. Additionally, the utility should support and work with most (if not all) .ipa files.

If you’re interested in giving the project a try for yourself, then head over to the official GitHub page to find all the resources you’ll need and be sure to look over the /r/jailbreak post to familiarize yourself with all the fine print to prepare your device properly.