15 iPhone settings you should change for optimal experience

Follow along with this video tutorial to learn which specific iPhone settings you should change for optimal experience, convenience, performance and battery life.

Use these settings for optimal iPhone experience

Apple’s default settings for the iPhone are optimized for ease of use but with a few simple tweaks, you can make your iPhone be more convenient and run faster. That means spending some time in one of Apple’s most-used stock apps, Settings, to make the necessary adjustments. But instead of blocks of text, we thought it’d be better to make a quick video tutorial discussing the fifteen settings on your Apple smartphone that you should change to enjoy a bit faster performance, better battery life and improved convenience. Read: 17 tips to make Apple Watch run faster

Without further ado, go ahead and watch the new video walkthrough from our videographer Michael Billig, we’ve embedded it near the top of this very post.

The same tips Michael covers in his video, but in listicle form:

  1. Turn off personalized advertising
  2. Don’t help Apple improve Siri and dictation
  3. Don’t share iPhone analytics
  4. Don’t permit apps to request to track
  5. Turn off location-based suggestions and significant locations
  6. Set auto-lock to “Never”
  7. Disable repeat alerts for messages
  8. Enable protections for mail activity
  9. Always allow app downloads via cellular
  10. Change voice memo quality to lossless
  11. Turn off location-based voice memo naming
  12. Hide expired passes
  13. Use the volume up button to take burst photos
  14. Turn on the camera grid
  15. Set up your lines and grid settings in Notes
  16. Choose the primary method of travel in Maps
  17. Choose an EQ profile for music listening

So what are your thoughts on these tips? Care to share your own advice on how to make the iPhone experience even better? If so, hit us in the comments. Oh, and for those who didn’t get the memo, Michael is iDB’s new videographer joining our current video guy, Harris Craycraft, to take our YouTube channel to the next level.