We’ve added a new video producer to our YouTube channel: Say hello to Michael!

Your favorite Apple blog has added a new member to its YouTube team who will be helping us expand and increase the output of our video coverage.

  • iDownloadBlog is making further investments in video production to make our YouTube channel even more attractive and informative to those who love Apple.
  • Michael Billig is joining the team as an additional video producer who will help us expand the reach of our channel and regularly put out new videos.
  • Don’t worry, Harris isn’t leaving us anytime soon. He is just pressed for time a bit because he’s been prepping to enter the working world after finishing his studies.

iDB’s YouTube channel is expanding

Our current video producer, Harris Craycraft (@_craycraft on Twitter) has been with us for several years now and we couldn’t be happier with his involvement in the iDB story. At the same time, the world has changed a lot since the pandemic. People no longer have patience for filler content and fluff, they want their time to be appreciated and valued. So that’s why you saw us tweaking our writing, and we’ll continue doing so to make the best product for you, our loyal readers.

Part of that effort involves creating more content for iDownloadBlog’s YouTube channel, which currently counts 380,000 subscribers. That’s a respectable number but we want to expand and bring in even more people to the channel. At the same time, Harris has finished his studies and is about to do some traveling before entering the corporate world for the first time in his life. So his priorities are changing and while Harris isn’t going away anytime soon, he’s going to need some help in continuing to bring the Apple-related content you love from our channel.

Meet Michael, iDB’s additional video guy

That’s why we’ve hired the services of one Michael Billig, a 22-year-old video producer, hockey fan and self-proclaimed technology geek. Michael also happens to be a fitness buff who’s lost 120 lbs and likes his Apple Watch more than his iPhone. So expect way more videos around the Apple Watch, Apple’s health features and so forth. Read: 30+ things to do after buying a new Apple Watch

So no matter how you look at it, you, dear reader, win as you’ll get plenty more videos to watch on our channel. For those wondering, Michael lives in Canada. To keep up with what he’s been up to, be sure to follow @michael_billig on Twitter.

For those who haven’t already subscribed to iDB on YouTube, please do so with post-notifications turned on. This is to ensure that you get a notification from YouTube whenever we post new content to the channel. Besides, this also helps the algorithm get our new videos in front of as many eyeballs as possible.