Setapp, CleanMyMac and other MacPaw software shall continue working without a hiccup despite Russian invasion of Ukraine

MacPaw products such as CleanMyMac and Setapp will continue working without disruptions despite the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Promotional graphics displaying the splash screen in CleanMyMac for macOS from Ukrainian developer MacPaw
Image credit: MacPaw
  • MacPaw is a developer of quality macOS software with offices in Ukraine
  • The company has issued a statement regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
  • MacPaw apps, support and development will continue despite Putin’s actions

MacPaw apps will continue working without disruptions despite Russia’s military actions in Ukraine

Russia has invaded Ukraine, causing turmoil and humanitarian crisis. Businesses, entrepreneurs and the country’s billionaires have halted or slowed down operations as Russia conducts military operations in the 44 million people country. One of such businesses is MacPaw, founded and operating primarily in Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine. Read: How to see, save and print a list of installed apps on Mac

MacPaw needs no introduction to iDB readers. MacPaw is a producer of high-quality macOS apps that we here on iDB, along with other outlets, have featured over the years. If your productivity depends on the Mac, you’ve probably used CleanMyMac, MacPaw’s comprehensive cruft-removal tool for macOS. Or maybe you’re subscribed to Setapp, the Netflix of Mac apps (which we reviewed) that gives you unrestricted access to premiu8m third-party apps for a low subscription fee.

The good news is, CleanMyMac, Setapp and other MacPaw software such as Gemini Photos, ClearVPN or The Unarchiver shall continue working unabated during this deeply troubling situation in Ukraine.

MacPaw’s statement regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Promotional graphics showcasing the macOS menu bar item for Setapp from MacPaw, a suite of quality Mac apps available with a monthly subscription
Setapp provides curated Mac and iOS apps for a monthly fee | Image credit: MacPaw

Our friends at MacPaw wanted iDB readers to know that its leadership has done everything in its power to ensure that MacPaw customers are unaffected by the situation. They have been preparing for an eventuality like this one, Julia Petryk, MacPaw’s PR lead ensures me via email. There are contingency plans in place to ensure the safety of not only its employees in Kyiv but also its equipment, servers and so on. Read: How to use custom DNS settings on your iPhone, iPad and Mac

Here’s a short statement from Oleksandr Kosovan, the founder and CEO of MacPaw, on MacPaw’s operations amidst the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

We have launched an emergency plan to ensure the safety of our peers based in Ukraine. With regards to the use of our products, including CleanMyMac, Setapp, etc., we ensure no disruptions in the support and development. We securely host all of our infrastructure and user data on Amazon Web Services, and the cloud service server’s physical location is outside Ukraine.

In other words, customers should expect no changes in MacPaw’s day-to-day operation. MacPaw products will continue to work and receive timely updates and MacPaw’s support team will keep responding to all user messages. Also, MacPaw’s payment provider (Paddle) operates from the United Kingdom so there will be no disruptions in terms of payment processing, subscriptions, etc.

“At this moment, we’re staying strong, united and ready to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine,” the CEO said, inviting fans to consider donating to Come Back Alive or other charities to help Ukraine’s Armed Forces.

In a blog post on the MacPaw website, Kosovan detailed what this situation means for customers and the ways MacPaw plans to address it.