MacPaw releases ClearVPN, a truly personalized multi-platform VPN solution

Ukrainian developer MacPaw of CleanMyMac fame today released a personalized VPN software solution for the macOS, iOS, iPadOS, Android and Windows platforms.

CleanVPN offers top-tier encryption: In addition to the usual encryption technologies like IPSec IKEV2 and OpenVPN, the software also provides its own custom protocol that was designed to ensure security and a high-speed connection.

VPN apps extend your own network across a public network, which lets you surf the web, check email and perform other online activities in a secure manner as if your devices were directly connected to the private network. ClearVPN learns from your user habits and provides relevant shortcuts that are based on your needs and network specifications. In order to minimize the potential loss of speed, the software automatically chooses the best idle server.

ClearVPN for Mac

Because this is a MacPaw release, ClearVPN is a beautifully designed piece of software with an attractive user interface. And last but not least, the fact that the app is being released by a well-known and longstanding Mac developer with high ethical standards is a big plus.

It truly is a personalized one-tap solution for safer web browsing.

This is ClearVP for Windows

ClearVPN for macOS, iOS, iPadOS, Android and Windows is available via the MacPaw website.

The free tier, available to anyone, does not expire but limits the number of shortcuts. The premium tier, available for $13 per month and $93 per year, doesn’t impose limitations and lets you use ClearVPN on up to six devices simultaneously, no matter the operating system.

ClearVPN for iPhone

At launch, you can get one free month of Premium subscription with coupon code CLEARVPNGO, valid through December 16, 2020. To upgrade to the paid version, you’ll need to ​sign up​ and redeem a code in the account on the web. The app is also available in Setapp​, a monthly subscription service for macOS and iOS apps, developed by MacPaw.